Our Lockabox Fridge Safe Goes Viral – A Year On

Doughnuts in food lock box

“Dad Buys Lockable Treat Box To Stop His Fiancée And Kids From Stealing His Chocolate” So how did our lockable treat box go viral…The power of social media is one big scary platform generating not only good press but sometimes bad press too and being user-generated it is often uncontrollable. None of the team at…

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How Our Food Lock Box Saves Arguments in the Shared Kitchen

fridge lockable box | treat safe

Why do you need a fridge lockable box – the perfect treat safe…? Well, picture the situation.. it is all amazing to start with! Having a laugh, joking around, everyone full of community spirit…. That is until someone drinks one of your beers, eats that slice of cake you’ve been saving or finishes up your…

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Dementia Action Week 2019 – Lockabox Medicine Box

Lockable medicine box

Since the first sale in 2015 it has become apparent how important Lockabox is for the application and storage of tablets, prescription creams plus any other pharmaceutical paraphernalia in the care environments. Our compact and hygienic box can be stored in the fridge for temperature sensitive medicine, placed discreetly inside a bed side unit or…

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Digital Detox in Schools: How to Encourage Outside Play

digital detox in schools | outside play

How can you encourage a digital detox for children in schools and get your kids to spend less time on their tablets and more time spent engaging in outside play? Monitoring your children’s screen time can be difficult. Especially at school age, when they are spending time in the care of others. Outdoor classroom day…

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Lockabox Digital Detox: Limiting Screen time

lockabox digital detox limiting screen time

How do I keep my kids away from screens? What can I do to limit my Screen time? These questions are being asked more and more frequently as awareness grows of the negative role tech can play in our lives. Limiting screen time is a fairly new concept as although mobiles have been around since…

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