Keep everyone safe

The Lockabox One is designed to keep everyone safe, whether you’re storing medicine bottles out of the reach of little ones or managing the medication for elderly relatives.

Available in Crystal, Jet & Opal White
£ 34.95

Available in Medi Green

Available in Medi Blue


Keep children safe at home

Being a parent to little ones is tiring enough already, without having to worry about young children exploring the kitchen when your back’s turned. Our lockable medicine boxes are light enough to be kept away from wandering fingers (and a three-digit combination lock makes them safe even if they are in reach). So you can safely store medicines, harmful substances and more in the home, all without a worry.

Look after older relatives

If you’re looking after elderly relatives or anyone suffering from dementia then you’ll know how important it is to protect the ones you love by keeping their medication stored safely.


Managing health conditions

Lockabox can help parents and carers looking after family members with specific health conditions (like autism or learning disabilities for example), providing simple, lockable storage for any items or medicine you might need to keep out of reach.

What our customers say


It’s toddler-proof, thank goodness! After my toddler ended up in the ER from getting into his brother’s medication (and many times getting into his own chewable multivitamins) I decided we NEEDED a lockabox. This is amazing and toddler-proof. Finally - something he can't get into!”


“Works perfectly! The reason I bought this is that my little daughter accidentally drank the whole bottle of my face serum! We ended up taking her to ER that day! She was OK thank God! But I would never have forgiven myself if not. So I thought, if I can’t stop her curiosity about my stuff, I will have to lock it away! Then I got this box. Works perfectly. Although it takes a bit more time every morning and evening, nothing beats the safety of your children!”


My partner has young onset dementia and would take his medication repeatedly and incorrectly. The danger is obvious. This simple solution means I'm not worried out of my mind trying to keep my eye on him 24-7. What a fabulous invention. No keys to lose. Thank you so much for making my daily life easier.”

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.


Taking care of business

Learn how our smart, tough, lightweight storage boxes help businesses like Pret A Manger and the NHS.