Say goodbye to lockers

Whether they’re working in an open-plan office or on a shopfloor, Lockbox One can keep your employees’ personal items safely stored, and it’s easy to rack and stack multiple boxes neatly and safely.


Make it personal

Whether it’s medication or phones or wallets, Lockabox One can give your employees peace of mind by securely storing their personal items while they work.

Work it out

Whether you’re a vet or a dentist using the Lockabox Medi to keep tools safe and sterile, or a hairdresser keeping your scissors and curlers secure in the Lockabox One, your work tools have a safe new home.


Keep your cool

If you’ve ever had colleagues, flatmates - or just downright strangers - grab your grub from a shared fridge, then Lockabox can help you even the score.

Store it safely

Lockabox can provide your employees with secure storage - and peace of mind - for any medication they may need to bring to work.


Box clever

As the smarter storage solution, our offer to your business is just as intelligent. Order more than 12 units and unlock better pricing, faster delivery and a dedicated account manager.