Say goodbye to screens

Ever wanted a lockable phone box? Somewhere to keep your childrens’ devices (or your own) away from fidgeting fingers? We’re here to help. Get off those screens and spend a little more family time together.

Available in Jet, Crystal & Opal White
£ 34.95

Available in Jet, Crystal & Opal White

Available in Jet, Crystal & Opal White


Respect the rules

If you’re looking for ways to help your children understand the boundaries of screen time, then a lockable box for your devices can really help.

Spend more time together

Parenting’s a tough gig. Lockabox can help by providing an easy, secure place to stash the family devices so you can start talking to one another again.


We are family

We’re not just here for the electronics. Toys, tasty treats, you name it - pop it into a Lockabox and there it stays. No more squabbling siblings.

What our customers say


“Great product - I bought this as a lock box for my kids' electronics at night. I have a son that has been sneaking his device in at night. He would wake up to be able to play his games. I needed something that would prevent that from happening, so he would get some sleep. This product allows us to lock them up and the small slots in the sides are just big enough to get a charge cable through and charge them at night as well.”


It’s great for electronics. We limit screen time for our child to a certain amount of time each day. This box is great for locking up the Nintendo Switch & iPad when the screen time is up for the day. Once they're locked in the box, there’s no more temptation to pick them up and check to see if his friends are online. Once they’re in the box, that’s it for the day. It’s made setting boundaries on downtime for electronics super easy. Thanks!”


“I love that this exists. My husband and I have been struggling for several years to find an effective way to control access to handheld devices while keeping the devices charged. This will improve our sanity, and it's roomy enough for our Wii U, Nintendo Switch, two 3DS's and two 7-inch tablets. The clear plastic lets us easily check what's in there and also plug in the devices without pulling the cables all the way out. I will absolutely be recommending this to my friends with children and handheld gaming devices.”

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.


Taking care of business

Learn how our smart, tough, lightweight storage boxes help businesses like Pret A Manger and the NHS.