Lockabox Warranty

Lockabox Ltd

Standard Manufacturing Warranty Terms

Claims procedure

If your Lockabox product has a fault you should:

  1. Check the operating instructions (please visit our Lockabox FAQs page for assistance with lock/changing of the code problems).
  2. If the fault develops within two years of the date on which you bought it (or three years if you have registered to extend your warranty via the Lockabox website), send a full detailed description and images to our returns team so that they are in a position to understand the fault and provide you with the next appropriate steps. Please email [email protected] as soon as you think there may be a problem with your Lockabox.
  3. To arrange a return contact Lockabox Customer Service at +441548 856574 or [email protected].

Conditions of cover

  1. Fraud. All benefits under this cover are forfeited if a fraudulent declaration or claim is made.
  2. Governing law and statutory rights. This warranty applies to products bought and used in the U.K, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. The provision of this plan does not affect your statutory rights. This agreement is governed by English law.
  3. Rights of third parties. This plan is for the benefit of you, the purchaser named on this application form, and anyone else we have agreed with you. No benefits may be given to anyone else.
  4. Events outside our reasonable control. We will not be liable under this cover where we are prevented from performing our obligations to you on account of any such events.
  5. Transfer. We are free to transfer our rights and obligations under this cover and to have third parties carry out our obligations.

What is covered

Repair of the product and return to you. If we reasonably consider the product to be non-repairable, or beyond economic repair we may, at our discretion replace the product with another of the same or similar specification. The original product then becomes our property and may not be disposed of without our consent. A new 2 Year Warranty will be issued with all new or replacement products.

What is not covered

  1. Breakdown due to:
    • Accidental damage.
    • Not following our user instructions.
    • Your deliberate damage or neglect of the product.

2. Repair necessary as a result of:

    • Damage caused by scratching or chipping.
    • Damage caused by storage of objects and/or substances for which the product is not suited.
    • Cleaning your product
    • Repairs carried out by persons not authorised by Lockabox.


Additional notes

If you have agreed during registration, your details will be held and used by Lockabox to provide customer service information.
NB: These are the standard terms and conditions for the Lockabox two-year manufacturing guarantee. Please check your own particular promotion for any
additional or alternative terms and conditions.