Lockabox One | Shelf Pack

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Want to totally boss your Lockabox and organise what’s inside? The Lockabox One shelf pack splits the lockable fridge box into two levels so you can keep any potentially leaky items away from everything else on the top, or just use it to help you file more effectively.

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  • Made with food-grade and medical-grade materials
  • High-impact and shatter-resistant polycarbonate construction
  • Changeable 3-digit combination code lock
  • Patented clamshell design
  • Stackable and can be drilled and fixed as required
  • Suitable for fridges and freezers (down to -80*C)
  • USB ports allow for easy charging of devices whilst locked
  • Innovative design does not restrict mobile or wi-fi signal
  • Made in Britain from recyclable polymer
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • 2-year warranty and 60-day free returns
  • Free UK, US, AU and EU Delivery


The sizing of the Lockabox One shelf packs are as follows:

Single Shelf:
L 12cm x W 20.5cm x H 0.5cm L 4.75in x W 8.2in x H 0.3in
Single Base Insert:
L 13.5cm x W 19cm x H 0.5cm L 5.3in x W 8.2in x H 0.3in
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We’re here to help your family make better choices and maybe even spend a little more time together.

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