Foil the fridge raiders

Whether you’re fending off late-night fridge raiders or making more conscious choices about what you eat, our lockable fridge box can help. From £34.95

Available in Crystal, Jet & Opal White
£ 34.95

Available in Crystal, Jet & Opal White

Available in Crystal, Jet, Opal White


Safeguard your snacks

The simple three-digit combination lock means the Lockabox is the perfect food safe for guarding your grub in a shared fridge.

A healthier house

Tired of all the treats being gobbled up? Our lockable fridge box can help your family make better choices and encourage fewer chocolate-y choices.


Save money (and snacks)

Our three-digit lock wards off wandering fingers and puts you in control, because we know there’s nothing worse than the kids swiping all the snacks as soon as they’re back from school.

We all need boundaries

Your Lockabox can help you lose weight by helping you stay in control of what you eat and when you eat it. Have a healthier relationship with what you eat.

opal white lockable fridge box containing soft drinks to promote healthier options

What our customers say


“Loved it so much I bought a second! I purchased these lockable boxes because I am the mother of eternally hungry kids, who are always looking for the next snack! At the start of the week, I provide them with the 'treats/snacks' for the week. They each put them in their own lockable box and it's up to them to make them last. When they're gone, they're gone! Easy to set your own number combination and easy to change it if you need to.”


Lockabox is great for keeping snacks protected. I'm trying to keep my weight under control by avoiding snacks, so my family would hide them from me. Sometimes they would hide them in the oven, or different places around the house. However, I would occasionally find them, and they eventually ran out of hiding spots. Then I discovered the Lockabox One, and now that's what we use to secure snacks. It's perfect! We have one cupboard in the kitchen where we keep all the snacks, and they are always kept in the Lockabox.”


“Having recently gone through a “ButterGate” scandal at work, this was the inevitable outcome. It wasn’t my idea in truth, I’m a firefighter and our watch had our entire month's butter supply ransacked. Our Lockabox lives in the fridge. Works great. No metal to rust away. And the best thing? It’s really annoying the others watches (particularly Red Watch) which is always a bonus, and makes life a lot more fun. The price was definitely worth it.”

Box clever

Our lockable fridge box’s secret weapon is its patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue or additives.


Taking care of business

Learn how our smart, tough, lightweight storage boxes help businesses like Pret A Manger and the NHS.