Nov 2, 2021

Can Our Lockable Treat Box Help to Aid Weight Loss? As Featured on Channel 4…

Doughnuts locked away in a lockable treat box in a family kitchen

Our lockable treat box hit your screens as part of the Channel 4 show “How to Keep a Healthy Weight” hosted by Dr Michael Mosley. The show aims to burst some of the most common myths and misconceptions around calories and healthy weight management. As shown on the Channel 4 show our lockable treat box can be used to help those who have trouble controlling cravings or overeating, keep food away from themselves. Quite simply place the food you would like to stop yourself eating into the Lockabox One. Get a friend/partner to set a code, then lock it. Now you only have access if the person with the code gives it to you! Simple yet effective.

During the show Dr Micheal helps five volunteers who are either overweight or obese to go on a rapid weight loss diet. At the end of the show he gives each contestant a gift to help them continue their weight loss journey.  This is where our lockable treat box – The Lockabox One – is gifted to contestant Katie. Katie suffers from pre-diabetes and high blood sugar and struggles to resist treats when they are in the house. In the clip she is delighted with the gift and states “I will be using the box, because it is just too tempting, you open the cupboard and it is just there, so at least if I have to think about it and find a number or code, I will have lost the craving by then!”

If you wish to view the show and see our lockable treat box in action click the link here: How to Keep a Healthy Weight – Michael Mosley

So can our Lockabox One aid weight loss as Channel 4 suggests?

Well, quite simply yes. Weight loss and body positivity are huge topics in the media, and although most of us know the best way to lose weight, in practice this is much more difficult. One reason many of us struggle to lose weight is that once we begin to snack, we just can’t stop. The temptation of treats is just too much for us to resist and this makes the diet ineffective! People often suggest just not buying the snacks, but if you live in a house with others this can often be easier said than done. Others will often bring snacks into the house or will want to enjoy certain snacks.

Our see-through lockable box provides a solution, others in the house can know the code to the Lockabox One and therefore can access the snacks as and when they please. Whereas you do not know the code so the snacks you choose to lock in are kept away and the temptation is lessened! Our lockable treat box can be stored in the fridge, freezer or in a cupboard. It is perfect for storing snacks due to its composition for food grade polycarbonate making it hygienic and super easy to clean. 

If you struggle with overeating why not follow Channel 4 Dr Michael’s suggestion and get our lockable treat box today to create a healthier lifestyle.

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.