About Lockabox


We’re on a mission to change the face of the storage industry, and create a safer, better home and working environment for everyone. We’ve sold over 180,000 units around the world to homeowners, employers, commercial enterprises, government organisations and professionals. As the trusted brand in everyday lockable storage, our affordable and carefully-designed lockable products provide a smarter, more mindful way to store what’s in your home or workplace.

Meet the team




I’m the CEO and it’s my job to make sure we’re leading the rest of the market. I was an entrepreneur from a young age, so I’ve never really worked for anyone else. I use my Lockabox One in my office to keep all my essential bits safe.



Operations manager

I’m the Operations Manager so I handle all aspects of production, product development, overseeing international shipments, international tax, and compliance. I keep booze in my Lockabox to keep it away from my teenagers!



Sales and marketing manager

I’m the Sales and Marketing Manager so I manage our global brand strategy, consumer and business sales and marketing strategies, sales forecasting and analysis. My Lockabox sits on my chest of drawers, storing all my beauty products.



Customer experience specialist

I’m Lockabox’s Customer Experience Specialist so I handle all customer enquiries and questions, monitor reviews & feedback, and develop and convert business sales. My Lockabox is the perfect place to stash my office stationery in.



Marketing specialist

I’m our Marketing Specialist so my role at Lockabox is to create and drive our B2B and B2C marketing strategy. I use my Lockabox to stop endlessly scrolling social media, and make sure I spend quality time with my boyfriend and family.



Operations specialist

I’m our Operations Specialist so I oversee our Ops department, handling everything from Lockabox manufacture to transport, storage and fulfilment. I use my Lockabox to keep everything - office essentials, biscuits (very essential) and cables - tidy at work.



E-Commerce & financial administrator

I’m the E-Commerce & Financial Administrator so I support the operations team and look after the day-to-day finance of the business. I use my Lockabox to lock the TV remote away so I can get on with my workout.

The idea

At some point, it’s happened to all of us. We’ve gone to a shared fridge to get lunch, only to find someone else has already helped themselves to our food. Our founder Peter Morris originally invented the Lockabox for just this reason, after one too many cheeky flatmates pinched his food from the fridge.

Our strong, lightweight, portable boxes have been helping to keep sandwiches (and anything else) safe ever since. These days people keep far more than just food in them, but the idea is still the same. The simple three-digit combination lock and tough polycarbonate construction wards off wandering fingers, so once your stuff is in your Lockabox One or Medi, you can relax: it’s not coming out until you say so.



Company timeline



The lightbulb moment! Peter had the idea whilst at university, looking for a solution to stop fellow students helping themselves to his food.


Development began as Pete created prototypes of his idea and began to plan how we could create a unique proposition for the market.


Peter was able to secure a meeting with John Lewis to pitch Lockabox, and a very nervous young entrepreneur secured his first big contract!


Lockabox One launched on Amazon UK. This was a big turning point for the business as we became a #1 bestseller and started selling into Germany, France, Italy & Spain.



A big year as Lockabox One went from self-assembly to ready-to-use at the point of manufacture, meaning we were able to supply volumes for professional and trade markets.



Our new and improved Lockabox began to generate attention – and sales – from organisations like the NHS, Royal Mail, Ocado, Cancer Research, HMIC, PWC and Anchor Health Care.


By now we were selling globally and we released our brand new Lockabox One Medi Blue, which helped us boost our profile within the healthcare industry.


We successfully worked from home as a team during the pandemic (while winning new clients and expanding into more territories), and became an approved supplier to the NHS supply chain.


We’ve doubled the size of our team here in Devon and expanded our HQ and operations, as well as offering free shipping to the UK, AU, US and EU.