Finding Reassurance™

Lockabox is a UK based designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative lockable storage products providing safer and more controlled ways of storing, organising and protecting everyday items.

Lockabox has become an important addition to not only consumers within their homes but for businesses looking for a versatile and scalable storage solution. With thousands of products sold worldwide the company is showing no signs of slowing down – this is the Lockabox Story.

Expansion and Resilience

2020 has been a year of uncertainty due to the global pandemic which disrupted all of our lives. Through this time our business has proved its resilience and although faced with challenges has continued to expand and successfully grow within new marketplaces such as Mexico, Canada and, the Netherlands. We also gained an exciting client Monster Energy, who used our products for PPE. Our presence in the Healthcare sector continued to grow and we became approved and listed as part of the NHS supply chain, a huge milestone for us as a business. We have also expanded internally this year with our small team here at Lockabox HQ doubling from 4 to 8 employees, all based in our sunny Devon office! We are hugely excited for the upcoming year and our launch in Australia within the next few months, If you would like to continue to follow our journey please follow the links to our socials at the top of the page where we post all our exciting news!

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