A class act

The Lockabox One provides simple, safe, lockable storage for nursery, primary and secondary school classrooms. Our boxes can be just as adaptable as the classrooms they’re used in. Prices start from £29.95.


Store it safely

The Lockabox One’s three-digit combination lock makes it a secure storage option to keep potentially hazardous items like medicines, glues, scissors and paints away from small children.

Stash the screens

Looking to limit the amount of distractions in your classroom? Electronic devices can be locked away (while still charging if required) until it’s home time.


Get on board

The Lockabox One is the perfect storage solution for boarding school dormitories, giving children a safe place to keep anything from snacks to sanitary products.

What our customers say

I’m a teacher, so I bought this to use in the classroom to take away the students' cell phones. It is clear, so they can still see their phones, it has a lock with a combo, so only I can give their phone back at the end of class, and there are holes in the side, so I can put a USB charging cable through and change their phones while they are in the box.”

UK secondary school

I use this in my classroom to hold student cell phones locked away, but still in sight. The students are able to charge their phones while they’re locked in the box because the holes are large enough for phone cords. The phones are locked in. The 3 digit combination is easy to set and is easily changed. I can imagine many uses for this box. It is easy to clean.”

UK secondary school

Box clever

As the smarter storage solution, our offer to your business is just as intelligent. Order more than 12 units and unlock better pricing, faster delivery and a dedicated account manager.