Premium Medicine Lockable Box

Over 50% of UK Care Home Groups use the Lockabox One for the safe storage of creams and lotions in residents' bedrooms and bathrooms.

Approved by the NHS Supply Chain

Improved care

Looking to upgrade your services’ approach to personalised care? The Lockabox One™ allows prescribed lotions and creams to be stored safely in bedrooms or bathrooms, resulting in a more integrated and caring daily routine.

Storing topical lotions safely in residents' rooms also aids in infection control and prevents cross-contamination.

Prices start from £34.95

Lock box with combination lock to keep medicine safe from patients.

Improved safety

Current CQC legislation states all prescribed external medicines, such as; topical lotions, ointments and creams should be locked away within residential care settings.

The Lockabox One™ is a quick and effective locking storage solution that will bring immediate protection to service users.

Prices start from £34.95

Crystal medicine lock box being used to safely store medicine away from elderly patient in a care home

Health & Social Care

The CQC states that any external medicines such as creams and patches need to be stored securely and recorded when opened. Add more safety and personalised care to your resident's home with the Lockabox One™.

Prices start from £34.95

Medication safe filled with medicine to keep out of harms way.

Why is the Lockabox One™ best suited for the storage of creams and lotions?

Cost effective

Prices start from £34.95

Ideal security

Simple hygienic lock box for everyday essentials 

Perfect size

Proven size to store enough topical creams per resident

Lockabox One Feature Size Diagram

Lockabox One™

Available in Crystal, Jet, Opal White & Medi Blue

•High strength, lightweight, shatter resistant, medical & food-grade (BPA-Free) polycarbonate.
• Side & rear ventilation slots (to allow contents to breathe)
• Interlocking stacking sockets
• Polished surfaces for easy cleaning
• Liquid lip for spillages (up to 1⁄2 a pint)
• Rear cable port (large enough for USBs)
• Allows Wi-Fi & mobile signal to penetrate
• UK patented unique clamshell design
• Suitable for use in temperatures down to -80oC
• Can be drilled and fixed down with screws or adhesives
• Shrink-wrapped on manufacture to ensure cleanliness
• Sold fully assembled
• Transparent & opaque variants available

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person using opal white lockable box in kitchen

What other care homes say...

"Most residents have a Lockabox to store topical creams & lotions. The main reason was the quality of care provided at their homes. The Lockabox One was being used not only for dementia patients but for all residential clients too. We are very satisfied with the product for its current use around administering a level of security for this type of application. Haven’t had any problems!”

Outstanding UK care home group


Purchased this to store my Aunties medications, as she has carers administering them, it keeps them safe and in one place. I chose the clear one so it would be easy for the carers to see the contents also it was large enough to take a medication tray, some of the ones with compartments wouldn’t have enabled this. Easy to lock, stackable, and suits the purpose. Would definitely recommend Lockabox® and would purchase it again. 

Excellent lockable stackable storage

Available in Crystal, Jet & Opal White
£ 34.95

Available in Medi Green
£ 34.95

Available in Medi Blue
£ 34.95

Frequently asked questions

The Lockabox One is designed to provide a level of security in (all) domestic, professional and commercial environments. It is made from a leading impact and shatter-resistant food and medical grade polycarbonate which is exceptionally durable when used everyday as a deterrent to unwanted access, safety and the protection of others. It is not designed to be a fail safe to entry so must be used responsibly by the user.

Yes, it is possible to fix a Lockabox One™to a surface. Although our product was not initially designed with this in mind, it works well. Our boxes are shatter resistant so you can actually drill through the plastic itself in order to attach it to walls or tables. Or, it can be attached to a wall with screws through the airflow holes. High-strength adhesive pads have also been used as well as cable ties. Some of these options could be applied when fixing inside a fridge.

It is easy to set up and use a Lockabox One™. The 3 digit combination code is simple to set up and the code can be changed (if required) in 3 easy steps. The combination code means that there’s not the risk of lost keys!

Our boxes are made from a leading impact and shatter resistant polycarbonate which is exceptionally durable when used. All of our boxes also have a 2 year manufacturer warranty on them.

Yes, we do offer volume purchasing pricing depending on the quantity ordered. Please contact us at [email protected]  for further information on pricing.