Nov 2, 2021

Can Tech-free Time Help to Improve Your Relationships? Learn How Our Device Lock Box Can Help

Mobile phone locked away in a device lock box

If your phone is taking priority over your partner and you find yourself preferring to scroll than have a conversation, then your relationship may be in jeopardy.

Find out how our device lock box will help you break the habit and reconnect with your loved one.

Ignoring your partner by instead concentrating on your phone has become such a common theme that experts have given it an official name…”Phubbing” – aka phone snubbing (no need to thank us for your new word of the day). Meaning you snub your partner in favour of your phone. A survey conducted by Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business found that a huge 46% of respondents had been ‘phubbed’ by their partner and 23% said this behaviour created conflict in their relationships.

Not only can phubbing affect your romantic relationship it can also affect family relationships. Children copy adults’ behaviour, and they will also feel phubbing and that the phone is more important than them. Therefore it is important that screen time is monitored and that quality time is spent away from screens. 

So are we a nation with a phone addiction? Let’s talk stats

Recently we conducted a poll on our Instagram Poll to research our followers thoughts and feelings about tech, the finding were as follows:

  • 77% of our respondents said that having a tech free hour a night would improve their relationship 
  • 64% of our respondents felt their children spent too long on their devices 
  • 52% of our respondents found it hard to switch off from work (emails, social media etc…) when they got home 
  • 32% of our respondents spent 5-8 hours a day on their phones 

Reinforcing the notion that our phones may be becoming an issue.

How can you tackle Phubbing?

Well, to tackle phubbing it is likely that you will need to reduce your screen time especially within the home, here are some easy ways how with help from our device lock box:

  1. Create tech free zones: An easy way to limit screen time is to create tech free zones or time within the home. For example, you could implement a no phones in the bedroom policy, whereby you place all phones outside the bedroom in a device lock box (don’t worry they can still be charged whilst inside). Alternatively you create a tech free hour per night, where at 7pm you all place your phones in the Lockabox for an hour and spend quality time doing an activity as a family.
  2. Limit Temptation: Whenever you need to limit screen time, then place your phone in the Lockabox to limit temptation, think out of sight out of mind. A quick and easy way to cut back your screen time immediately.
  3. Leave your phone out of quality time: When you know there is an important conversation to be had or you want to plan a date night, why not make a no phone rule? Place the phones in the device lock box and then there is no discussion to be had, they are away and you can focus on the time together.

These easy tips should help you to take back control of your screen time and get back that quality time with your partner and family…no more phubbing, with the help of our device lock box.

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.