Mar 2, 2021

Lockabox PR box – A Unique and Engaging PR Package for Brands!

Lockabox PR box and PR package

First of all, what is a PR Box?

Well, a PR box is a package of items that you send to a list of chosen influencers or journalists in the hope that they will share your products with their audiences and in turn you will get coverage and an increase in users interested in your products! Even better we have for you a lockable PR box!

Creating an effective PR box can help brands to build awareness, launch new products and even increase overall sales, therefore an effective tool for brands to leverage.

Why do you need to send out a PR Box?

During this current covid climate it is becoming increasingly difficult to engage and inspire customers. Looking into new ways of communicating with your audience will play a big part in 2021 for all brands, where it is likely we will see a new era of marketing, including live, virtual and hybrid events. This difficulty with engagement is even more prevalent when it comes to engaging journalists and influencers with your brand and in turn them their followers with your product. Now we can’t meet face to face it is important that as brands we think outside of the box! This is where Lockabox can help, it is unique and engaging, and will get people talking. 

Think outside the box with Lockabox!

We have all seen a PR package, just head to your favourite influencers highlights on Instagram and you will be able to find one within minutes. Typically they consist of products neatly packaged within a branded paper box, with a little brief surrounding the product on the inside lid! Although these are effective, they are also dated, heavily copied and lack originality. 

To succeed in being noticed, you need to think outside the box and this is where the Lockabox One comes in! The Lockabox One is available in 4 colours, which allows you to decide whether you want the contents of the box to be viewable (Choose our transparent box – Lockabox One | Crystal) or hidden (Choose our Opaque boxes – Lockabox One | Jet). Our Lockabox One is the original lockable storage box providing a unique combination of style and security. 

Our lockable PR boxes are about the size of a shoe box and therefore are perfect for filling with your chosen products that you would like to promote. We suggest placing all the products and items you wish to send within the Lockabox One and setting a code. You can then send the box to your chosen audience, and it will arrive locked. Here is the clever part, you can then encourage your audience to engage with you by requiring they check in at a chosen time to get the code and gain access to the contents of the box! Not only is this idea original, it is also fun and engaging meaning it is more likely to be shared – gaining higher levels of coverage for your products!

So what should you include?

  1. Your chosen products 
  2. A personalised note to the Journalist/Influencer, this should include product insights, your social handles, a nudge for feedback or a social post and of course a thank you.
  3. Some extra goodies to encourage sharing! (for example, sweets or personalised treats). 

Make it instagrammable! Our top tip is that you want your content to be shared so we suggest making sure your PR package is as pretty and easily shareable as possible – make people want to shout from the rooftops all about your product and brand!

BraTee X Lockabox – PR box

BraTree – A German Ice Tea brand 

BraTee purchased our Lockabox’s to launch their new range of Iced Teas. They placed their Ice Tea alongside merchandise and sent it out to influencers within our lockable PR box with the code locked. The influencers then had to visit BraTee’s instagram stories to find the code and access the contents of the box! Clever and Engaging! This idea helped them to generate huge amounts of coverage and shares on social media, alongside many Youtube videos – as the lockable nature of the box left many shocked and desperate to gain access! The perfect PR recipe.

Why not get your products noticed today with the help of our unique PR box!

Please contact us on [email protected] for further information and to find out more about our B2B pricing. 

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.