Channel 4 Lockable Box – An Appearance For Our Lockabox One

Channel 4 lockable box | food storage box

Last night our lockable food storage box hit your screens as part of the Channel 4 show “How to Keep a Healthy Weight” hosted by Dr Michael Mosley. The show aims to burst some of the most common myths and misconceptions around calories and healthy weight management.   During the show Dr Micheal helps five volunteers…

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Our Medication Safe Box Can Help Care for Elderly Relatives at Home

Mum and daughter hugging in the family home

Caring for an elderly relative at home although rewarding can be a hugely difficult task. This has been exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic and in particular the Lockdowns. The current situation means we are spending more time in our homes than ever before and that many of us are having to juggle multiple needs within…

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All I Want for Christmas is a Lock Box

lock box Christmas gift | lockable chocolate box

All I want for Christmas is a Lock Box, Do we think it will catch on? This year’s number one maybe? Who knows. Whether you need a lock box for medication or a lockable chocolate box we promise that this is the present for you! Christmas has crept up on us thick and fast this…

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Lockabox One Size Guide: What Can You Fit in a Lockabox One?

Lockabox one opal white on plinth

We often get asked what can fit within the Lockabox One (Lockabox One™ Crystal). We thought why not answer all our most asked questions (and a few extras!) in a Lockabox One size guide blog post. Whatever items you are thinking of putting in your Lockabox One, hopefully this will provide some clarity of the…

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Lockabox Phone Locker: Our Top Tips for a Digital Detox

Crystal phone lock box on tv stand

Digital Detox is a phrase we hear thrown around pretty much daily, especially with the rise of documentaries such as ‘The Social Dilemma’. But what actually is a digital detox and why do you need a mobile phone locker? Well, a digital detox is officially defined as: “A period of time during which a person…

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Lockabox Boss’ Day – Meet Our Founder Peter Morris

Lockabox ceo, Peter

Today is Boss’s Day…so we thought we would introduce you to our founder Peter Morris, the creator of Lockabox. To let you into the world of Lockabox, we decided to do a Q+A all about Peter and his Lockabox journey!  What gave you the inspiration to create Lockabox? “I had an issue with people at…

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Lockable Storage Box and Learning to Live Alongside Coronavirus

A white lockable box storing Coronavirus PPE such as hand sanitiser face masks and latex gloves

Our lockable storage box can help navigate adjusting to this new ‘normal’ by providing a safe and secure storage solution, making being around the ones you love more than ever as easy as possible. Whether this is by acting as a storage box for medicine or for devices – we promise it will make life…

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