Jun 3, 2021

Hygienic Lockable Box for Workplace PPE

Medical grade lock box being used as storage to keep PPE in hygienic environment

Going back to work after working from home for the past year is going to take some getting used to for all of us. Not only have we replaced our work trousers with our favourite pyjamas, but we also haven’t been able to be within two meters of someone for almost a year, which some of us have got very accustomed to! Even though the two metre rule may be on its way out, many people still do not want to compromise their personal space. A return back to work may bring with it anxiety and a fear of catching the virus now restrictions are starting to relax. Many of us still want to ensure we are being safe and keeping contamination to a minimum and here is where our hygienic lockable box comes in, providing workplace PPE storage. 

How can a hygienic lockable box help?

Nobody likes their belongings being handled at the best of times, however, this is amplified due to the recent pandemic and wanting to ensure we keep contamination to a minimum. It can be a scary time for many when returning to work, especially with the added possibility of being more likely to be in contact with the virus which for many of us have been shielded from. Therefore employees must be allowed to have their own space and the option to keep their belongings safe and secure without them being contaminated. Our hygienic lockable box allows employees to put all their personal items in the box and rest assured that once it is locked, no one can get in and their items will remain uncontaminated. Providing a safe return to work and ensuring employees feel comfortable and valued. 

How can it be used in the office?

To keep personal items from being contaminated

During these times employees may be worried about bringing personal items into the workspace due to the risk of contamination. Although lockers may have been a proven solution before the pandemic, it is now difficult for employees to access lockers whilst still maintaining a 2m required distance due to the proximity of their positioning. By providing each employee with a Lockabox on their desk, they can store their personal belongings safely and securely. The Lockabox One is lightweight yet secure, meaning it can be easily moved to suit any requirements and office spaces. Allowing employees to gain reassurance over their items whilst maintaining safety and following guidelines, acting as your very own workplace PPE storage.

To keep work stationary safe and secure

How often at work do you go to do a task and return to find your calculator gone from your desk, and instead in the hands of one of your colleagues, who is “just borrowing it” ? Pre-covid this was just plain annoying, but in these times it also brings with it the risk of getting in someone else’s ‘dirty’ hands. Our PPE storage allows you to store all stationary in one place, with the reassurance that once it is safely locked away, no one else will be able to access it. Thus limiting the risk of contamination and spread of infection. 

To keep your lunch out of reach

Often when sharing a work fridge, items get moved around. It may be that someone needs to fit in their packed lunch next to yours or (even worse) it could be that someone is planning to help themselves to your food or drink! Our lockable fridge box is your go-to tool to beat the bandits. It can protect milk, sandwiches, or any other snack of choice. You get to benefit from refrigeration while also eliminating the risk of anyone else getting their hands all over your stuff. Only you know the combination to open it – and that’s the way it should stay. This reduces the  risk of contamination drastically, allowing you to gain peace of mind that your food is safe and secure. 

So if a return to work is causing you to feel anxious. Why not invest in a Lockabox One, your own workplace PPE storage. Helping to ensure a safe and hygienic environment. Minimising the risk of contamination and helping to do your bit in the fight against the virus. 

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.