Jan 21, 2021

Decluttering Your Fridge with Our Lockable Food Container!

Crystal Lockabox one in fridge containing chocolate and sweets

When was the last time you had a fridge declutter? If the thought of this chore fills you with dread it is probably about time you got those cleaning cloths out and gave your fridge some TLC! Here are our top tips and how our lockable food storage container can help…

We’ve all been there, you decide to clean out the fridge, you start pulling out containers to examine their contents and what do you find? Well to be honest, most times the green, fuzzy intruder masks the original content very well. Whilst it might be great for your children’s science project it definitely doesn’t belong in your fridge! You are in need of a declutter!

An unclean, cluttered refrigerator is not only unattractive but can promote bacterial growth and cause food to spoil more quickly. Proper air circulation is essential for keeping food cold and fresh. So, why not follow our simple steps to a cleaner fridge!

How do you start the fridge declutter and how can a food storage container help?

Remove all the food

This may seem simple – but the best way to declutter your fridge is to empty all of the contents, sort and then restock in an orderly fashion. You need to be strict with yourself if you are going to successfully declutter. As you empty items from the fridge check their expiration dates. Make sure you throw away anything that is past its prime! Be especially careful to check condiments, these can often live in the fridge for what feels like an eternity. Just because there is some left in the jar doesn’t mean it should go back in the fridge! Nobody likes to be wasteful but the likelihood of you still eating the jam that went off in 2012 is unlikely – it needs to go!! 

Get Cleaning!

Get your Mrs.Hinch head on…it is time to tidy! Pull on those gloves and get ready for a full surface clean to remove any spills or crumbs that are hiding within your fridge. Using warm water, a little washing up liquid and a clean cloth, start at the top of the fridge and work your way down. This little trick will prevent you from getting messy drips on the areas you have already cleaned! Be especially careful not to miss the bottom and back of the fridge where spills usually hide. When you are all done take a clean, dry towel and dry off the interior. It is important not to leave excess moisture in the fridge, as once the door is closed there is nowhere for this to go. 

Put it all back with help from Lockabox and our food container!

Now it is time to restock! Top shelves: Foods that don’t need cooking. Middle shelves: Dairy products. Bottom shelf: Raw meat and fish (to reduce contamination). Drawers: Vegetables, Salads and Fruits. Door shelves: Condiments. To prevent future cluttering you can label zones in the fridge to let each family member know where there things are and where they should put it back, decreasing the chance of rummaging! Even better, why not assign each member of the family a Lockabox One in the fridge where they can keep their treats safe and secure. Our food container is made from food-grade polycarbonate and have been carefully designed for storage within the fridge. In addition, our shelf packs come with a base shelf which holds spillages and ensures they do not contaminate the food or make a mess of the rest of the fridge! Not only will this help to keep the fridge clean, tidy and free of clutter, the food container’s three digit lock, will also minimise family arguments and stop your beloved treats disappearing. A winner for all the family!

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.