Dec 18, 2020

Lockabox: The Must-Have Fridge Safe

Crystal fridge safe with combination lock in fridge

We have all experienced going to the fridge to grab that snack you have fancied all day and boom…it’s gone! Let’s be honest, the fury is unimaginable. Do you have mice? Ones that are particularly drawn to Dairy Milk Chocolate…Unlikely! What is more likely is that you have a fridge raider, someone who despite all social norms pointing to not stealing others’ food, has been tempted by your snacks to the point they just can’t resist and have become a food thief!!! You need protection with a fridge safe! Your very own food locker where you can keep all your snacks safe and secure within our kitchen lock box!

So how can you stop these raiders who have no concern for your boundaries or snacks?

Well, we can help! First, does one of the below sound like you?

The one with the sneaky partner

Do you consistently find your partner eating your snacks, and ignoring the stern ‘they are mine!’ warning? Or do your snacks often go missing with no one owning up to eating them? 

Well, you need to take it up a level, you need a Lockabox, your very own personal food safe. Let’s be honest, no one likes sharing snacks, it is a fact we have to face! Our food locker allows you to keep your own snacks safe, secure, and out of reach of others. 

We don’t like to encourage arguments but…we have to be honest, our fridge safe is also a great way to wind up your partner. 1-0 to you with the help of our kitchen lock box!

The student

Is there anything worse than coming home from a lecture and the food you have been longing for is gone? We all know the pains of sharing a fridge in student accommodation, if you haven’t experienced your food being stolen as a student, I salute you! For us that aren’t so lucky, why not take things into your own hands and get yourself a trusted Lockabox fridge safe. Everyone can write their names on food, however unfortunately it is unlikely to stop the determined food thief, you need physical protection! Our Lockabox One is made from food-grade polycarbonate and is the perfect size for storage within the fridge. In addition, it is strong and of high quality due to its patented clamshell design. Not only will our food locker keep your frustrations at bay, but it will also save you money in the long run from not having to re-purchase your snacks. What are you waiting for!! Lockabox One™ Crystal

The one whose children eats all the snacks

Do you have a little fridge monster? Or even worse a teenage fridge monster! Does it feel like you are forever spending money on food only for it to have completely disappeared within a day? Don’t fret, we can help! Our food safe allows you to keep sweet treats securely locked away and out of the reach of little ones. Not only can it help reduce overindulging on sweet treats, but it can also help save money through being able to ration snacks to last for longer than a day! Head to our product page to find out more, an easy solution to ensure you no longer have to go shopping every other day.

The one who has a housemate who likes their treats a little too much

Sharing a house is often the next step after moving out of your family home. Shared accommodation is not only often the cheaper and more financially viable option but it can also make living alone for the first time less daunting. BUT sharing a house also means sharing a fridge! Often people just can’t resist having a little try of your snacks. This is heightened once you are no longer a student as it is likely you spend a little more on the treats you love, making it even more infuriating when someone just helps themselves! Gain a little peace of mind and start saving money by locking your snacks safely away with the help of our kitchen lock box. It is stylish yet practical and the perfect modern fridge safe!

The one who has colleagues with no boundaries

We all know the work shared fridge is a drama waiting to happen. Stealing someone’s lunch is an absolute no-go and in most people’s eyes near to an offence…but unfortunately, there are a few who just can’t resist! Imagine this, you have had a busy morning filled with meetings and all you have been dreaming of is your ham sandwich, you go to the fridge at lunchtime and it has GONE! If this sounds familiar you really do need a Lockabox One, not only will it protect your snacks it is also a great way of teasing your co-workers and getting them back for the ham-sandwich heartache!

You need a fridge safe

If you can relate to any of the above then you need a Lockabox One. I think we can all agree that fridge raiding is just unacceptable and although it may seem extreme we must take back control with the help of Lockabox

We would love to hear your stories of Fridge Sharing scandals – tweet us at @lockabox, a place to rant about your fridge raider frustrations!

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.