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Designed to be the safest and most convenient solution to many of the daily challenges in shared living and working environments, Lockabox is exceptionally versatile and suitable for storing almost anything.

Key features:

  • BPA-safe and food-grade container suitable for fridges and freezers
  • Patented features protect from spillages, tampering and external contaminants
  • Contemporary design with smooth easy-clean surfaces and interlocking stacking sockets for multiple applications
  • High strength product made from lightweight and shatter-resistant polycarbonate plastic (same material as Police Riot Shields)
  • Changeable 3-digit combination code lock, front loaded door (still access contents when stacked) and high quality injection moulded parts

    What Would You Keep In Yours?™


    • Well suited to fridges, it's ideal for assisting in the storage of food and medicines when caring for people with dementia
    • Safely store insulin and food essentials for diabetics
    • A physical aid for people with eating disorders
    • Use in foster care to lock away potentially harmful items around the home or why not give a Lockabox to each child to store their favourite things?


    • Keep young ones from accessing medicines, allergenic foods or alcohol
    • A temporary keep-safe for TV remotes, games and gadgets 
    • Store cosmetics and private personal items in bedrooms and bathrooms
    • Organise DIY supplies, washing tablets, button batteries, e-cigarette refills and other small hazardous household items from toddlers by locking them away

    University and Workplace

    • Lock food, milk, snacks and other daily use essentials in shared fridges and cupboards
    • A compact personal safe-space for stationary, gadgets and documents
    • Compartmentalise shared office storage with the added benefit of being able to each section


    • Store craft equipment and potentially hazardous items in classrooms
    • Organise specialist foods and medications in staff rooms
    • Portable and secure first aid box around the school, and a lightweight locker on group outings and field trips 


    There are many items in everyday life that are better managed if locked away. Lockabox makes keeping them safe, organised and protected easier than ever



    Lockabox is Made In Britain

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