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The Most Versatile Lockable Storage Box, The Lockabox One™

We’ve carefully designed a box that allows you to lock away daily use items. Lightweight and portable our lockable storage box is made from the highest quality of medical and food grade polycarbonate, ensuring durability for everyday use. Our locking box is ideal for dementia care, diabetics, allergies, child safety, house shares, co-working spaces and storage of electronic devices while on charge. Find reassurance with Lockabox while promoting healthier and safer lifestyle choices.
Simple, Personal, Stylish

Patented Features

Fed up of chocolate treats & savoury snacks going missing?

Lockabox can help promote healthier lifestyles, while encouraging good habits in the family home. Our opaque range allows for food to be kept out of sight and out of mind.

Worried about medicines being stored safely in the home?

Our portable medicine cabinet is the perfect size to be placed in a cool dry cupboard out of reach or locked away safely in the fridge separate from food.

Want to gain some reassurance over your belongings?

Lockabox is compact enough for you to gain autonomy over personal food in the fridge. Empower young adults to take ownership of their space in a safe and friendly manner.

Key features and size guide

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A modernised medicine cabinet, made from medical grade polycarbonate. Hygienic, clean surfaces for first aid items. Large enough for pill dispensers, diabetic medication, blister packs, prescription creams and tablets.

Shared living

Adaptable storage box with a simple combination lock. Manage daily use items in shared, assisted or sheltered housing allowing for a sense of independence and control.


A clear lockable box for mobile phones and tablets, allowing students to be more engaged in their education whilst providing a level of security for personal belongings during class.

Home Life

A compact lockable treat box for the fridge, freezer or cupboard. Keep lunch box snacks and chocolate treats out and sight and out of mind. Promote healthier lifestyle choices and encourage good habits in the home.


A simple box with lock for your office needs. Store stationary, internet routers, hard drives, memory sticks and mobile phones while on charge for easy access with our 3-digit combination lock.


A sustainable and durable storage box to integrate quickly with an existing system. Providing a level of safety and reassurance, while improving the quality of life at an affordable cost.

Lightweight | Adaptable | Stackable

Affordable British-made Quality

UK #1 Bestseller

Lockabox Reviews

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Excellent for storing blister packed medication

“Best buy to date. This is such a good product, got it for older relative who needed his pills and blister packs stored safely, they fit perfectly, it’s very simple to lock and unlock, clear box is ideal as you can see where something is without having to empty it, would definitely recommend this product, for blister packed medication, but could be used for many things, ie on step for milk delivery, child's safety box to put their precious little things in, to put valuables in, really could praise this enough.”

A fantastic solution for limiting iPad use!

“My 11 year old son has autism and struggles with giving up his iPad and other electronics. The Lockabox has worked wonders in our home, and we are now able to limit his time on electronics by locking them away instead of hiding them around the house. He now knows exactly where they are, and has accepted that they’re locked away until the times he’s allowed. Also the charger cable threads through the back easily so can be charged whilst locked away. A real game changer for us! Thank you Lockabox!”

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2 Year Guarantee

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