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Think inside the box

Welcome to the smarter way to store your stuff at home or at work, from Lockabox. Made from high-quality, lightweight polycarbonate and locked with a three-digit combination, our Lockaboxes are tough enough to keep out kids and grown-ups alike. From £34.95

Think right

Lockable medicine box

Lockabox is the go-to lockable medicine box for safely storing your medications. Lockabox offers a reliable solution for households with children or elderly family members, promoting responsible medication management & providing peace of mind.

Think right

Be the boss of your home

Whether you’re keeping medicines out of reach, limiting access to addictive screens or making better food choices, we design our lockable storage boxes to help you feel more in control in your own home. From £34.95


Make it easier to make better choices

We’re here to help your family make better choices and maybe even spend a little more time together. From £34.95


Don’t get mad. Get Lockabox.

Tired of all the treats in the house being gobbled up? We can help put you back in control.
From £34.95

Available in Crystal, Jet & Opal White
£ 34.95

Available in Medi Green
£ 34.95

Available in Medi Blue
£ 34.95

Annnnd relax

Keep medicines (and everyone else) safe from prying fingers with a Lockabox One. Find out how our three-digit combination lock and high-quality, lightweight polycarbonate gives you the peace of mind you need to safely store your stuff.

Take back your kitchen

Tired of all the treats in the house being gobbled up? Whether you’re foiling a late-night snack attack or trying to make more conscious choices about what you eat, we can put you back in control.

Make it easier to make better choices

We’re here to help your family make better choices. A Lockabox keeps your childrens’ devices (or your own) away from restless fingers, so you can get off those screens and spend a little more family time together.

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.


Taking care of business

Learn how our smart, tough, lightweight storage boxes help businesses like Pret A Manger and the NHS.

Lockable medicine box

A compact hygienic lockable box for topical creams, lotions and toiletries in primary care. Improve person centered care by keeping medicines safe in the bedroom or bathroom.

Business pricing available*

PR marketing box

A new type of PR campaign. Use Lockabox® to package carefully selected products to send to influencers. Promote your brand - we've worked with some big players in the industry. MAC cosmetics, The Body Shop and Pretty Little Thing.

Business pricing available*

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