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Controlled storage for food, medicines and household items

Whether you’re a parent, carer or share your living or working space with others, the need to lock away certain daily-use items is clear.  LOCKABOX is a portable secure storage box designed for everyday use. It's compact and discrete, easy to use and easy to clean.

  • Dementia care
  • Diabetes
  • Child Safety
  • Shared Accommodation
  • Diet and Sports Nutrition
  • Safeguarding in Schools
  • Security in the Workplace

Key Features:

PATENTED DESIGN - Hygienic, ventilated, food safe and inter-stackable

MADE FROM INDUSTRY LEADING POLYCARBONATE PLASTIC - BPA-safe, high-strength, lightweight and shatter-resistant 

MODULAR - Can be interlocked to form a locker system built to any size, used as a portable device or secured to a bedside table, in a cupboard or mounted to a wall

AVAILABLE IN COLOUR TINTS, TRANSPARENT AND OPAQUE - Use to organise and identify, have a clear view of contents or keep items private aswell as protected 

MADE IN BRITAIN - High-qulaity, ethically sourced and supplied fully assembled ready to use

Key applications:


  • Well suited to fridges, it's ideal for assisting in the storage of food and medicines when caring for people with dementia
  • Diabetics for storing insulin and food essentials in shared environments
  • A physical aid for eating disorders
  • Safety store prescriptions at bedsides and in bathrooms


  • Keep young ones from accessing medicines, allergenic foods or alcohol
  • A temporary 'timeout' box for games and gadgets (also ideal for charging mobile phones and tablets)
  • Secure cosmetics and private personal items in bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Organise DIY supplies, washing tablets, button batteries, e-cigarette refills and other small hazardous household away from little hands.

University and Workplace

  • Lock away food, milk, snacks and other daily use essentials in shared fridges and cupboards
  • Separate toiletries in bathrooms and shared dorms
  • Use as compact personal safe-space for stationary, gadgets and documents in shared offices and workspaces


  • Organise craft equipment and potentially hazardous items in classrooms
  • Store specialist foods and medications in staff rooms
  • Portable and secure first aid box on group outings and field trips 
  • Keep mobiles, medicines and daily essentials secure for teachers

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