Lockabox-it for Safer Storage

Introducing the new way to organise, protect and secure everyday items.

lockabox product features diagram


 What would you keep in yours?


  • Well suited to fridges, it's ideal for assisting in the storage of food and medicines when caring for people with dementia
  • Great for diabetics to keep insulin and food essentials separate in shared spaces
  • A physical aid to help with eating disorders or when dieting
  • Use in foster care to organise and secure potentially harmful items around the home or why not provide each child with a Lockabox for their favourite things (but still see whats inside).


  • Keep young ones from accessing medicines, allergenic foods or alcohol
  • A lockable 'timeout' box for games and gadgets (Lockabox is suitable for charging mobile phones, tablets and controllers)
  • Secure cosmetics and private personal items in bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Organise DIY supplies, washing tablets, button batteries, e-cigarette refills and other small hazardous household items from toddlers by locking them away

University and Workplace

  • Lock food, milk, snacks and other daily-use items in shared fridges and cupboards
  • Keep toiletries and medications separate in bathrooms and shared dorms
  • Use as compact personal safe-space for stationary, mobile phones and documents in shared offices and collaborative workspaces
  • Secure and stack employee mobiles whilst on charge in warehouses, factories and workshops


  • Store craft equipment and potentially hazardous items in classrooms
  • Organise food and medicines in staff rooms
  • Portable and secure first aid box around the school, and a lightweight locker on group outings and field trips
  • Ideal for mobile phones and personal items during lesson times

There are many items in everyday life that are better managed if locked away. Lockabox makes keeping them safe, organised and protected easier than ever.

*Please note removable shelves are sold separately