“Lockabox-it for safer storage”

Ideal for dementia care, diabetics, allergies, child safety, diet management, house shares, co-working spaces and storage of electronic devices, Lockabox One™ conveniently and discretely controls access to anything that is better locked away for safety, hygiene and peace of mind.



Ideal for storing medicines and food when caring for people.


Secure potentially hazardous items in classrooms, staff rooms or use as portable locker on school trips.


Prevent children and vulnerable adults from accessing household pills, allergenic foods, washing tablets, batteries or alcohol.

Shared accommodation

Lock away daily essentials in shared fridges, freezers or cupboards and keep toiletries separate in shared bathrooms.

A compact safe-space for stationary, private documents and electronic devices such as internet routers, hard drives, memory sticks, tablets and mobile phones whilst on charge.


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