Social Media Guidelines

Blogs and social media offer exciting and innovative ways for our company’s business to thrive. Participating in them can be a good way to expand and elevate the company’s business presence.

Lockabox® has decided that you have the necessary professionalism, industry knowledge and experience to act as our representative in the social media arena, subject to the terms of these guidelines.


If your job duties require you to speak on behalf of the company in an online social media environment, you must still seek approval for such communication from Lockabox® Marketing Department, who [may/will] require you to have training before you are permitted to participate in social media on behalf of Lockabox®.

The guidelines below apply whether you are using social media as part of the company’s strategic marketing, public relations, corporate communications, shareholder relations or recruiting activities, or as an unofficial “ambassador” on behalf of the company. Remember that if you are not a member of Lockabox® Marketing Department, and you are contacted for comment about Lockabox® for publication, including publication in any social media outlet, you should direct the enquiry to Lockabox® Marketing Department ([email protected]).

All use of social media by employees, whether for business or personal purposes, is subject to the company’s social media policies, rules and contractual obligations, set out in:

Speak knowledgeably

Make sure that your online postings and communications reflect your level of expertise, and that you limit your comments to your area of knowledge. Before posting content, take the time to review the context and what others have said, to be sure you are contributing in an appropriate way. Consider linking to colleagues’ postings to build on and maximise our overall online presence.

Be engaging and interactive

Write in the first person and, to the extent you feel comfortable in doing so, share information about yourself that others would find interesting to increase the appeal of your postings. If you are writing about Lockabox®, identify your connection with Lockabox® and your role here. Try to stimulate interest in the work that you are doing and invite a dialogue so that you can learn from others doing similar or related things.

Add value

Consider the value of your contribution before you post. If what you are posting helps others in the online community to solve a problem, including your peers or our customers, you are adding value. Equally, if your contribution enhances the sense of community surrounding Lockabox®, or improves the image of our company, products or services, it is adding value.

Respond to your mistakes quickly

If you post something in error, act quickly to correct it. Your credibility is judged by your accuracy and your willingness to recognise and fix your mistakes. If you modify an earlier post in a blog, be upfront about doing so.

Don’t be argumentative

Engaging in arguments and inflammatory debates can tarnish your credibility and reputation, and by association that of Lockabox®. If you choose to disagree with others online, do so respectfully and objectively. If you speak negatively about a competitor’s business in any way, do not disparage the competitor beyond stating the facts to make your point. Be respectful to all others in the online community.

Be respectful

Never post anything that might be offensive to others, such as sexual comments or racial slurs. Remember that talk of religion, culture or politics can also easily offend others.

Comply with our policies

If your post would contravene any of Lockabox®’s policies in another forum, it will also do so in an online forum. Do not disclose confidential or proprietary Lockabox® information, harass or discriminate against fellow employees, defame or disparage Lockabox® or fellow employees, or contravene any other Lockabox® policy by your posting. Do not use social media in a false or misleading way, for example, by claiming to be someone other than yourself or by creating an artificial “buzz” around our business, products or shares.

Protect our customers, suppliers, business associates and investors

Do not cite or refer to our customers, vendors, business associates or investors, identify them by name or reveal any confidential information related to them without getting their explicit (written) permission in advance. Also, do not discuss or conduct business with a customer, supplier, business associate or investor in an online forum.

Do not comment on our business performance or plans

Disclosing or commenting on Lockabox®’s confidential business information is absolutely prohibited, whether in relation to sales, customer lists, financials, business or marketing plans, performance or prospects. Do not comment in any way on rumours about these. If asked directly, simply say “no comment”.

Respect and comply with the terms of the sites you visit

Review the terms of use of all social media sites you visit and ensure your use complies with them. Pay particular attention to terms relating to:

  • Prohibitions or restrictions on the use of the site, such as those relating to advertising, marketing and promotions or other commercial purposes; for example, Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (its terms of use) stipulates that those participating in a promotion via Facebook must release Facebook from liability in relation to it and acknowledge that it is not sponsored by or associated with Facebook.
  • Ownership of intellectual property used on the site, or information collected or generated through use of it (for example, any of the company’s copyright material and trade marks that might be posted on the site, or customer information that the company collects through the site).
  • Requirements for licences allowing the site owner and other third parties to use the company’s trade marks or other intellectual property.
  • Rights and responsibilities of the site owner and users relating to privacy.

Consequences of failure to observe these guidelines

Failure to follow these guidelines, particularly in a way that could expose Lockabox® to liability, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary procedures, and may in extremely serious cases result in termination of employment. If you are unsure whether your planned actions might breach any of these guidelines, speak to our Marketing Department for clarification.

Further information

If you have any questions about social media, these guidelines, or Lockabox®’s expectations, please contact Eden our Marketing Specialist ([email protected]).