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Lockabox Phone Jail

How do I keep my kids away from screens? What can I do to limit my Screen time?  How can a lockable box for phones help? These questions are being asked more and more frequently as awareness grows of the negative role tech can play in our lives.

Devices have assumed a dominant role in our lives, especially for many children who have grown up with them as part of everyday life. We’ve all seen people tapping away during dinner, date night and important meetings. That instinctive “oh I must just check this out” reflex has somehow become accepted as the norm. Highlighted earlier this year in the viral Netflix documentary Social Dilemma. 

What Tech can fit into the Lockabox One? 

  • Phones
  • Game Controllers 
  • Kindles
  • Ipad (please check dimensions)
  • TV Remote 
  • Wifi Box 

So how can our lockable box for phones help with a digital detox? 

Well, the simple answer is we have the solution to locking away your digital addiction for you and your family. An aide to control your use of technology, so it doesn’t end up controlling you. We’ve found that just by breaking the habit of being able to reach out and grab a device it is much easier to stick to your digital detox. 

Limiting screen time can be especially worrying when it comes to children. Having a phone jail can help, because you are able to create positive boundaries with your children. You can let them know where their device or gadget is, and if you choose the clear box, then they will be able to see it! But they will know that when the phone box is in use, then phones are out of bounds. The Lockabox One even has a cable port where charging wires can be fed through, meaning devices can be stored safely, even when on charge, one less thing to worry about! Rest assured that your child will be getting a healthy night’s sleep without the distractions. Parent 1/ Child 0 we hear you say. 

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