Dec 29, 2021

Lockabox 2021 Recap

Group photo of Lockabox's with text

What we have been up to this year and our plans for 2022

2021 has been another difficult and turbulent year for Lockabox and many others. From more lockdowns to a sense of freedom, we really have been on a rollercoaster. We wanted to end the year by reflecting on our happy moments and achievements in 2021 and let you know a few of our plans for 2022. 


2021 has been a year full of expansion here at Lockabox. We are hugely grateful that despite the pandemic and increasing cost of supplies, sales and revenue have again increased this year. Making this the sixth year of growth since we began in 2013. We also expanded into the US and Australia, launching on Amazon Australia this year and offering a larger product range of our opaque variants in these regions. We were also delighted to be able to offer free shipping to customers in the US, EU, UK and AU due to having our stock present in these regions.

We have also expanded our team internally going from 4 full-time members of staff to 8, and developing both the marketing and operations team. It has been amazing for the business to gain 4 individuals who truly understand the brand and our values. With this, we also needed a little more structure so have worked hard this year to develop a hierarchy within the business and a reporting and meeting structure.

With the growth of our team, we also needed some more room so we took over our entire office space, giving it a well needed revamp along the way (we even have a fancy new shower!). 

This expansion has been the product of our investment in marketing activities such as paid social campaigns and PPC. Combined with the significant investment into QC processes and sample cataloguing for audit and compliance purposes. We have also onboarded two amazing agencies, top US agency Seller Interactive to help develop our Amazon channel, and Serotonin digital to support our internal marketing team with paid advertising. Both have been a very valuable addition to the business and will continue to be so in 2022. 

Rebrand and website relaunch 

2021 was an exciting time for our brand as it had a full refresh and we invested in assets such as photography and video which we had previously been unable to do. This was a huge moment for both the marketing team and the business as we felt we were finally able to convey the brand and tone to our consumers that we have known internally for over a year. We now feel we can confidently deliver our true market positioning and our USP. Helping our customers to recognise the value of a Lockabox One. We hope you loved the new site as much as we do, and we are excited to continue rolling out the assets in the New Year.

Exciting New Launches 

In 2021, we launched our first-ever limited edition product, the Lockabox One Azalea, a pink version of our most popular product the Lockabox One. It was amazing to see the response and excitement around this product and to be able to market-style as well as functionality. We are looking forward to releasing more limited edition products in 2022. 

We also launched three limited edition sticker packs. We formed a collaboration with artist Lauren Morsley who turned our favourite customer reviews into stickers. We adore these stickers as they really convey our brand message, and have been designed just for us, and you, our customers!

We took all your feedback on board and decided to redesign our shelf packs. These will be released in early 2022, and we are really excited to share them with you!

What to look out for in 2022 

2022 is going to be a huge year for our business. We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to understand our position within the market. All will be revealed early in the New Year! We are also planning to launch on Amazon UAE and India, therefore expanding our offering globally. There might even be some more limited edition products on their way…

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and support in 2021. We are hugely excited for what 2022 has to bring, and we hope you continue on this journey with us. Please follow our social channels or visit our other blogs at to hear all the latest news from us here at Lockabox HQ. 

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.