Nov 20, 2020

All I Want for Christmas is a Lock Box

lock box Christmas gift | lockable chocolate box

All I want for Christmas is a Lock Box, Do we think it will catch on? This year’s number one maybe? Who knows. Whether you need a lock box for medication or a lockable chocolate box we promise that this is the present for you!

Christmas has crept up on us thick and fast this year. Coupled with the increased pressure to shop early and limit last-minute shopping, what Christmas gifts to buy is at the forefront of our minds. I don’t know about you, but I find Christmas shopping a little like marmite, the idea is fun and Christmassy but the reality is scrolling through countless gift guides with no real prevail and an empty shopping list and head filled with Micheal Buble three hours later!

If like me you are not sure where to start..let us tell you why a lock box should be at the top of your Christmas shopping list, and who it is the perfect present for!

Who needs a Lock Box this Christmas?

The Foodie

Snacks, hampers, DIY cooking kits, and alcohol are a staple Christmas gift for self-confessed ‘foodies’. However, how can you ensure their beloved food gifts are kept safe? We can guarantee by boxing day someone will have dipped into their selection box and opened their newly gifted gin “to share” (Usually the person who has gifted the gin may I add!), and the thoughtful Christmas gift will be gone. 

Why not think out of the box this year and gift them a solution to keep their foodie gifts secure! The Lockabox One is the perfect gift for snack lovers allowing them to lock away their favourite treats and keep them safe from prying hands. Give them the gift of reassurance this year by allowing them to keep their snacks to themselves (Who said Christmas is for sharing!).

The Student

Living in shared accommodation is a once in a lifetime experience and for many, the best memories will be created during this time. However, learning to live alongside others at times can be difficult and frustrating. For instance, when you come in from a late lecture and find someone has eaten all the cheese that you planned on using for a toastie (can you feel the bitterness?). 

Our lockable chocolate box was originally invented for this exact purpose and is, therefore, the perfect gift for students. Unique yet practical, our lockable chocolate box will be an item that can be used daily and is a must-have for all student kitchens. Give them the reassurance that their food, snacks, alcohol, and cheese (sorry still reminiscing!) will be safe from prying hands.

The Siblings

‘He’s stolen my toy’ and ‘that’s mine!’, are phrases that as parents to siblings are heard almost daily. Fighting over toys is about as natural to siblings as breathing. However, a lock box is the perfect gift for encouraging a positive behaviour change. It is the ideal gift for siblings who struggle to share or older children who are frustrated about their lack of control over their possessions. Simple in design, yet durable, our lock box creates clear boundaries surrounding your children’s favourite items and allows them to have their own personal space. 

The Phone Obsessed

In this day and age, we all know someone who is glued to their phone (if you don’t, sorry to break it to you, but it is probably you!). Why not encourage a positive behavioural change with your gift this year. Our Lockabox One is the ultimate solution for limiting screen time. Phones can be placed within the Lockabox (whilst being charged may I add!) and locked away, creating designated phone-free time. The Lockabox can be used by the whole family to create quality time without devices and can even be a fun tool for an event with friends (think putting phones in the middle of the table but more stylish!)

The Safety Conscious

Keeping the house safe and secure is an essential for all parents. This is a practical gift that will bring peace of mind this Christmas. It can be used as a lock box for medication or to keep potentially hazardous items such as cleaning products out of reach of children. Our lock box is a nice little stocking filler in which you can lock all your worries away!

Our lock box is a unique and thoughtful gift, combining practicality with style.Whether you need a lock box for medication or a lockable chocolate box, this is a gift that can be used daily and make a positive difference to those it is gifted to and really is a gift for everyone (even the dog, to limit their access to treats!). Think out the box this year and give the gift of peace of mind this Christmas with our Lockabox One. 

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.