May 10, 2020

Our Locked Medicine Box is Providing an Easy Alternative to Blister Packs

A lady organising her scattered medication on a desks
As of March this year Boots Pharmacy have stopped providing medication in blister packs to care homes. We believe our locked medicine box is providing a quick and easy solution to help assist with these changes.
Can our locked medicine box be an effective storage solution for locking away and administering medicines in the care environment following the changes to the monitored dosage system?

The daily administration of medicines plays a large part in care home culture which means a robust medicines policy needs to be regularly maintained and reviewed, most importantly, the safeguarding of residents is paramount. As a care home provider you will aim to base your policy based on the current legislation and/or the best available evidence, following the guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Boots a leading pharmacy chain have returned to supplying medicines in their original packaging as standard practice, eradicating the current monitored dosage system of blister packs. This will undoubtedly cause some concern amongst many businesses in the health and care sectors.

How does Lockabox’s locked medical box assist with medicine storage, administration & management?

Our Lockabox provides secure storage which only authorised care home staff have access to

Lockabox offers a simple 3 digit combination lock which adds a level of accountability and control. The versatility of our product means it can be used in the fridge for temperature sensitive medicine or prescription creams, placed in a locked drawer in a residents room, or in a communal care area where you may need to differentiate each residents medication.

Receiving, storing and disposing of medicines

Our locked medicine box is a quick accessible solution for quickly locking away medication. When medication reaches the care home, Lockabox allows each resident to have an individual box for their specific medicine storage. In addition, Lockabox can be stacked in a modular system, where it could help with dispensing the patients packs. Our unique transparent range allows the user to view the contents of the box without having to open the lock, reducing anxiety, concern and allowing the medicine to be easily identified.

Keeping residents safe

Lockabox offers a hygienic and compact solution which allows the residents medication to be kept locked away in their room, whether this is discreetly in a draw, cupboard or in a designated “safe place” chosen together by the carer and resident.

Helping residents to look after and take their medicines themselves (Self administration)

A viable solution to encourage & support patients administering their own medication, whilst securing the medicines away too. A designated locked medicine box to provide a clear space and understanding between the relationship of resident and carer. Reduces anxiety, empowers the individual and improves resident experience.

When to administer medicines

Ensuring fewer distractions whilst recording and administering medicines. If Lockabox was used to both store and administer in the residents room, it could be a preventative tool in medical misuse or error. Improving quality one – on – one time with each resident, administering the medicines, creams etc. whilst recording any findings in a quiet calm space.

Moving medicines

Our locked medicine box can be moved with the patient when they go between care settings. For example in an emergency, one box could hold not only important patient details but key medication for quickly identifying dosage and records. Lockabox is also portable meaning it can still be used by the resident, family member or carer if the resident was temporarily away from the care home.

The Lockabox provides an alternative solution to blister packs and is a safe and secure way to store medicine ensuring the ones you love are protected. After a series of meetings with care homes and networks in our local area, Lockabox Medical is proving to be the ideal solution in storing medication where needed. A small compact locked medicine box that allows you to allocate and organise individual tablets, prescription creams and other pharmaceuticals. Versatile due to its features, made from high strength shatter resistant polycarbonate, therefore food safe, hygienic and lightweight. Ventilation slots and liquid lip for spillages, it can secure most medicines when and where required. If you would like to read more about how our Lockabox’s can help with medication management, head to our blog –  How our medicine safe can help care for elderly relatives at home

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.