Dec 23, 2021

How our lockbox can establish a safer classroom

Lock box keeping scissors and other school supplies safe in a classroom.

Being responsible for an entire class can be difficult and tiring, and keeping track of what every child is doing all the time is stressful and an impossible task. Sometimes you can be plagued by the daily stress of a classroom environment such as your glue sticks going “missing” or catching the students distracted by their phones and not doing their work. Our Lockabox One can help with safeguarding and those general day to day bugbears. 


Everyone has a phone these days and it can be the biggest distraction in a classroom, placing phones in a tray at the front of the room can be potentially unsafe. The Lockabox One in Crystal is perfect for locking phones away at the front of the class, both you and your students can see they are safe, as we all know it can be hard to give up our phones. Our lockbox allows you to leave the classroom without fear of phones being pinched or messed with and in case of emergency, phones can be left on charge using the vents on the sides. 

Locking away potentially hazardous items: 

We all know little ones are curious and in a classroom of over 20 students, it can be hard to make sure everyone is acting safely. The Lockabox One is easy to stack and can be used to store school supplies such as scissors, staple guns, glue etc. So you can rest easy knowing they aren’t playing with these items when your back is turned.

Students with medical conditions: 

Nut allergies impact an estimated 1 in 50 primary school children with more severe cases needing epi-pens in case of an allergic reaction. Due to the nature of allergic reactions, being quick is key to saving a person’s life which is why you don’t want to be running to staff rooms to retrieve epi-pens. With our lockbox, you can keep epi-pens on hand for those who are too young to look after whilst keeping them out of reach, limiting the risk of harm.

Boarding schools:

Being away from home and sharing a dorm with other students can be difficult, with privacy being a concern. With our lockbox, each student has a safe place to put memorabilia or personal items they simply don’t want to be sharing. Alternatively, it could be used to lock up phones to make sure students aren’t spending time on their phones into the late hours of the evening. 
Our Lockabox One can help you utilise the school environment while adding a layer of security to help protect you and your students. To find out more on how to order in volume head to or email us at [email protected]

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.