Aug 13, 2020

The Perfect Portable Locker: Lockabox vs Lockers

portable locker - alternative to lockers

Many of us head to some from of workplace each day. Whether you look forward to the moment you step foot through the door of the office, or whether you loathe the sound of your alarm on a workday, we all can have one thing in common. We want to keep our valuables safe and secure in the workplace. Whether it be your lunch, your keys or your phone, we understand that whatever the item, it is important to feel confident in the knowledge that your personal items are safe and secure. Here is where our portable lockers come in as a great alternative to the traditional locker.

They provide security by allowing you to lock personal items away due to the three digit combination lock, basically allowing you to have your very own portable locker! But, we are sure you are wondering what is better, a Lockabox or a locker? Before we discuss the comparison here are a few times that you may need to keep your items safe and secure:

  • When you are working in an environment where you need to keep items sterile and free from getting contaminated
  • You are in an office where your phone can not interfere with the network
  • You work in an office where you often have to use a hot-desk
  • On a construction site, which has tools and machinery in which to operate

While this won’t have covered every eventuality, there are many situations within the workplace where you will want to keep your belongings safe and secure. Here are some of the reasons why we believe a Lockabox portable locker is much better than a traditional locker…

The Lockabox portable locker is smaller than traditional lockers

In comparison between a Lockabox and a locker, you will find that the Lockabox is smaller in terms of storage, but yet can still revise the same level of space. In addition, the Lockabox One can be transportable or stationery, whereas a locker system will need to be attached to other lockers as well as to the floor and wall. This can often mean that a locker configuration will take up much more space in your workplace than using a Lockabox system. 

Who could forget the ‘You ate my sandwich’ incident from the series Friends

Many of you will have seen Ross from Friends get extremely angry at the prospect that somebody in his workplace had eaten his beloved sandwich his sister had made him. We guess there will be many incidents involving lunch, drinks and food items in the workplace that can get people riled! A Lockabox portable locker can provide you with that security in the kitchen area or fridge as it is transportable and can easily be fit inside a fridge or freezer..something a locker cannot offer!

Lockabox’s portable locker provides a higher level of convenience than lockers

Finally, there is more convenience associated with choosing a Lockabox over a locker configuration in the workplace. Lockers are stationery in one area whereas a Lockabox can provide greater flexibility in terms of keeping valuables safe while changing the locality of the box as and when you need it. This is especially beneficial when considering medications that might need to be taken and easily accessed while someone is working.

We hope this has highlighted the benefits of using a portable locker as an alternative to traditional lockers in the workplace, and how the unique combination of security and accessibility can bring convenience to your work life!

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.