Safety Proof Your Home with Our Lockable Medicine Box

Lockabox One
Lockabox One Medi Blue Lockable Medicine Box

Everyone will need to store medicines within the home at some stage in their life, however many of us are unaware of how to do this safely and effectively. With the added pressure of keeping your loved ones safe at home both young and elderly, there is more emphasis on having flexible access to medical items on a daily basis. Long gone are the days of storing medicines in a cumbersome metal bathroom cabinet, our lockable medicine box is discreet enough to fit into the most unlikely of nooks and crannies, in the fridge, cupboard or under your bed! 

Our simple medical lock box is big enough to keep all basic medical items safe and accessible to treat minor illness and injury at home.   

The importance of safe storage is amplified when caring for an elderly relative who is prone to forgetting and taking too much of their medicine, or when you have a curious toddler who likes to rummage through the cupboards.

Many medications offer serious risk if others are exposed to them, this is especially a cause for concern if there are young children in the house. Every year around 60,000 children can be brought to an emergency room or hospital because of medication poisoning. To be safe, it is suggested that you should keep all your medicines – whether bought from a pharmacy, supermarket or prescribed – safely locked away in a medicine storage box or lockable pill box, such as the Lockabox One.

What medical items can you fit in the Lockabox One?

What Can You Fit In A Lockabox?

  • Standard medicine bottles 250ml 
  • Blister packs 
  • Pain relief, creams, ointments and lotions 
  • Diabetic Medication
  • Pill boxes 
  • Small first aid kit – Thermometer/  plasters 

Why the Lockabox One is suitable for creating a safer home environment

  • The three digit combination lock acts as a deterrent which stops curious hands accessing potentially hazardous items.
  • The Lockabox One is made from high grade medical polycarbonate meaning it is hygienic and easy to clean. 
  • The Lockabox One is designed to fit within standard fridges and cupboards meaning it can be stored in a way that suits your needs. 
  • The Lockabox One is portable and therefore it can be moved to suit your lifestyle.

How Safe is the Lockabox One?

The Lockabox One is safe enough to keep items out of reach and simply locked away with the 3 digit lock, but please be aware that although the Lockabox One is a deterrent and is loved and trusted by many for this reason, it can not prevent those determined to gain entry and should not be used in these situations.