Oct 8, 2020

Lockable Storage Box and Learning to Live Alongside Coronavirus

A white lockable box storing Coronavirus PPE such as hand sanitiser face masks and latex gloves

Our lockable storage box can help navigate adjusting to this new ‘normal’ by providing a safe and secure storage solution, making being around the ones you love more than ever as easy as possible. Whether this is by acting as a storage box for medicine or for devices – we promise it will make life easier!

A year ago today none of us could have predicted the effect Coronavirus would have on our lives. From Boris’s daily briefings to face-masks being the new normal, our lives have changed in ways we could never imagine. However, one thing we all have in common is that the amount of time spent in our homes surrounded by our immediate family has increased massively. Whether for you the experience has been positive or negative, I think we can all agree learning to live alongside Coronavirus at times has been undoubtedly challenging!

With the country being plunged into Lockdown 3.0, it is fast becoming apparent that as a nation Coronavirus is something we will have to live alongside for the near future. We are being told that adapting to this new ‘normal’ is crucial and that life as we knew it previously may take a while to return. 

So how can our lockable storage box help in living alongside Coronavirus?

Safety keeping within the home

With time spent in the home increasing, it is more important now than ever to ensure harmful items are kept away from little ones! Whether this is hand sanitiser, washing tablets, or even medication, parents need to have peace of mind with regards to any harmful items within the home. Our storage box for medicine has a three-digit combination code meaning they are a perfect deterrent for children. Helping to keep hazardous items out of harm’s way. With little children around they really do allow you to find reassurance that your items are securely stored away, making life at home that little bit easier!

Limiting Screen time

With social distancing and the government asking us to restrict our contact with other households, children socialising with their friends is becoming impossible. With children inside more, screen time is a more pressing issue than normal and the amount of time children spend on devices is becoming increasingly worrying for parents. Our Lockabox’s can be used to limit screen time by providing a secure storage solution, whilst also allowing devices to still be charged due to their USB holes. Placing devices in a secure location provides boundaries for children and encourages them to only play on devices during the hours you select, providing you with reassurance and peace of mind as a parent. 

Sorry parents – our Lockabox is not just for children, it can also be used by adults to limit the amount of time you spend on devices and create that all-important family time. All too often, we end up mindlessly scrolling through our phones, or leaping when we hear a notification – but how often do we stop, put the phones away and purely enjoy each other’s company. Our Lockable storage can keep devices out of sight and out of mind during designated times to encourage positive behavioural changes.

Developing Personal Boundaries

With children spending more time with each other in the home arguments over toys and ownership of items is bound to increase. It is important for children during these times to feel they have boundaries and that they can create their own space and time. Our lockable storage boxes are great for allowing children to have possession over their own items, especially around younger siblings. They are also great fun for children to use, therefore being practical yet entertaining at the same time, and limiting that dreaded ‘MUUUUUUUUM’ or ‘DAAAAAAD’. 

Keeping snacks safe with our lockable storage box

Finally, I am sure we all know the annoying feeling of looking forward to a snack all day, going to the fridge at night and discovering it is no longer there!!! Have you been burgled by a lover of Dairy Milk??? Unlikely! What is more likely is that your partner or children have just helped themselves with little regards for your cravings or beloved snacks. With more time spent in the home than ever it is important to limit arguments where possible, and one over snacks is not a battle you need right now. Our lockable fridge safe provides a safe haven for your snacks and goodies. Due to its composition from food grade polycarbonate it is perfect fridge safe and allows you to take back control and keep your snacks and food safe.

P.s. We know we said this is to prevent arguments but if you really want to rub their nose in…order a Crystal and thank us later! 

Learning to adapt to the new normal

Adjusting to life in this new ‘normal’ is difficult and complicated for all of us! We take pride in knowing that our storage box for medicine can help make life that little bit easier and ensure the transition period is that little bit smoother. 

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.