Dec 1, 2021

Is our lockable PR box the answer to increasing client engagement?

Clear lock box filled with juice boxes and hat to promote new drinks brand.

Everyone who works in PR and Marketing knows how to create quality content, which makes it even more difficult to get your brand or the brand you represent to stand out from the crowd and generate word of mouth. Here is where our lockable box can help! Yes I know you are thinking how can a box increase engagement, but stick with me, it will be worth your while!

How can our lockable PR box help you to achieve targets?

1. Building interest from potential clients

As agencies it can be hard to get noticed by your dream clients, especially without a contact or way in. Agencies have previously used our Lockabox One for exactly this reason. Prior clients have filled the Lockabox One with treats, locked the box and then sent it to dream clients they would like to work with. The dream clients then have to email the agencies to get the code and therefore you then have a contact to whom you can deliver your pitch!

2. Building interest from journalists

Getting organic coverage is a dream situation for all brands. However pitching cold to journalists is not an easy task, especially as a smaller business or agency. Again, our Lockabox One can be used to entice the journalists to contact you directly, therefore giving you a contact who is engaged by your efforts. Much more likely to generate coverage and listen to your press releases. 

3. Part of an influencer marketing campaign

To succeed in being noticed, companies have begun to realise that they need to think outside of the box (excuse the pun). This is where our lockable PR boxes come in! At around the size of a shoebox our boxes are perfect for filling with products and merchandise. Just place  all the products and items you wish to send within the Lockabox One and set the code and send! Here is the clever part, you can then encourage your audience to engage with you by requiring they check in at a chosen time to get the code and gain access to the contents of the box! Not only is this idea original, it is also fun and engaging meaning it is more likely to be shared – gaining higher levels of coverage for your products!

A success story: BraTree x Lockabox

BraTee purchased our Lockabox’s to launch their new range of Iced Teas. They placed their Ice Tea alongside merchandise into the Lockabox One and sent it out to influencers with the code locked. The influencers then had to visit BraTee’s instagram stories to find the code and access the contents of the box! Clever and Engaging! This idea helped them to generate huge amounts of coverage and shares on social media, alongside many Youtube videos – as the lockable nature of the box left many shocked and desperate to gain access! The perfect PR recipe. The campaign generated coverage from 27 verified influencers on Instagram with combined followers of over 17,500,000. An unbelievable amount of engagement for any brand. Why did they see this success? Because they stepped outside the box and did something different which caused the influencers to want to share.

Where has our lockable PR box featured?

Radio 1’s big weekend ticket giveaway 

Channel 4’s ‘How to Keep the Weight Off’

Daily Mail, Metro, New York Post

This Morning with Holly and Phil

The Instagram’s of top celebrity influencers such as Stacey Solomon 

How can we work together?

We have a specialist marketing team who can work with you to make the most of your campaign, from brainstorming ideas to supporting assets.

We are also open to negotiating prices based on a collaborative campaign. Please email us on [email protected], for more information and to claim your free sample!

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.