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We've hand-picked your team to receive a Lockabox One™ filled with goodies! Why? We want you to know about our product for any future marketing campaigns you may have. (If not - you can donate the box to the safe storage of the biscuit stash!!)

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Lockabox PR & Marketing

Get them talking (to you)

When you’re trying to get a potential client’s attention, why not try sending them a Lockabox branded with your visual identity and packed with goodies? The twist is that they can only open the box by getting the code from you! Hey presto - the start of a beautiful relationship.

Clear lock box filled with juice boxes and hat to promote new drinks brand.

Excite your employees

You can fire up your team about a new product launch or team initiative by sending them a Lockabox One with information (and possibly some treats) inside.

Bespoke Branding Options

We all want our brand to be singing from the rooftops and what better way than to personalise your PR box.  In a crowded marketplace, it’s important to make sure that you’re offering a unique and/yet interactive experience. At Lockabox®, we can offer different levels of personalisation to help you/your brand stand out without blowing the budget – but if you are going for maximum impact, we’re open for discussion.

Bespoke Sleeve

60 units+

Lead time 2-4 weeks

Prices start from £23.30 per unit*

Screen Printing

120 units+

Lead time 2-4 weeks

Prices start from £21.85 per unit*

Exclusive Colour

1,000 units+

Lead time 4-6 weeks

Prices start from £20.39 per unit*

Want to work together?

If you’re interested in collaborating with us and personalising Lockabox One with your brand, then we’d love to hear from you. There will be a minimum order requirement but we can discuss that when we talk.