Nov 23, 2021

How our lock box for medication can aid the transition to home-care for addiction patients

lock box for medication shown in the kitchen cupboard

Our lock box for medication can be used for supporting the safe storage of Methadone, or other addiction related medications in the home. Outpatient care is a large part of an addict’s recovery. However this brings the issue of how to store medication safely when patients return to their home. It is recommended that methadone should be kept in it’s original containers, preferably in a locked box, out of reach of children. Our lock box for medication helps support addicts in their recovery and limits risks to others within the home. Helping to remove a commonly reported barrier to safely storing medicines and improving reporting practices.

Aiding care as an outpatient

Unintentional poisoning is among the top 10 causes of both nonfatal and fatal injury for younger children 0-4 years old (CDC 2019). Therefore it is essential that medication given to a patient to support their recovery can safely be stored when they return to their home. The guidance for storage is that medicine should remain in a locked box until it is ready to be taken. Then once the medicine has been finished it should be returned to the clinic in the lock box for medication. This helps to prevent the risk of children accidentally or curiously accessing the medicine and potentially causing themselves harm. 

A number of small scale studies indicate the need for safe storage of medicines such as methadone in the home and the importance of issuing written on safe storage to those receiving drug treatment. It is a misconception that child resistant medication bottle tops are “child proof”. In fact, these containers can be easily opened by dexterous children. Some younger children are also capable of accessing the contents of so-called child proof medication containers. Additionally the provision of a lockable storage box is a key recommendation of practice following a Serious Case Review of the death of 2 year old Child K in 2011. It is therefore recommended that a lock box for medication is distributed to any clients who have a child living or staying in their home.

Our lock box for medication is a simple 3 digit combination lockable box that allows patients to store their medication safely within the home. The effectiveness of the Lockabox One for the prevention of ingesting medicinal products is global. Our lock box for medication acts as a deterrent and prevents curiosity and accidental ingestion of medicines due to the boundary of a three digit combination lock. Please note the Lockbox One will not prevent anyone who is determined to gain access by using force.

If your business would be interested in purchasing our Lockabox One for your clinic, please email [email protected] for more information about volume pricing.

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.