May 10, 2020

Lockabox Digital Detox: Limiting Screen time

lockabox digital detox limiting screen time

How do I keep my kids away from screens? What can I do to limit my Screen time? These questions are being asked more and more frequently as awareness grows of the negative role tech can play in our lives.

Limiting screen time is a fairly new concept as although mobiles have been around since the 1980s, and some of us remember when Snake appeared on Nokia devices, it was only really since the iPhone was released in 2007 that we have seen the prevalence of phones increase exponentially. They are now a fundamental part of our daily lives, making many tasks easier and enabling us to access information instantly. 

This habit has assumed a dominant role in our lives and for many children they have grown up with it as a part of everyday life. We’ve all seen people tapping away during dinner, date night and important meetings. That instinctive “oh I must just check this out” reflex has somehow become accepted as the norm. We end up looking at our phones before we even know why, causing our screen time to increase massively!

The reality is that phone content has exploded and is invading every aspect of home life. Before you even realise what’s happening an hour has passed and you’ve just been endlessly scrolling through a void of puppy videos, memes and peoples opinions about stuff you don’t really care about (we’ve all been there). 

It is no secret that content producers, app creators and game designers all compete for your attention by increasing the stickiness of phone content. And the net result is you being glued to your screen for increasing periods of time. There is most definitely a time and a place for technology, and the amazing things it can do for us, but we need to accept that there are times where we just don’t need its presence and overuse can have a detrimental effect on our health and our relationships.

The truth is we are addicted to technology and it has a downside.

Studies show that people who spend extended amounts of time on their digital devices develop computer vision syndrome (CVS), sleep poorly and have a higher BMI. Which is why at Lockabox we are promoting the work of organisations such as Time To Log Off, who are dedicated to helping others have a detox from technology and limit screen time. Marie Claire also recently launched #screenbreak, a campaign which is attempting to break the addictive cycle.

So how does Lockabox fit into this and how can we help with a digital detox? Well, the simple answer is we have the solution to locking away your digital addiction for you and your family. An aide to control our use of technology, so it doesn’t end up controlling us. We’ve found that just by breaking the habit of being able to reach out and grab a device it is much easier to stick to your digital detox. And as for your kids, well, they might actually do their homework, comforted by the knowledge that their phone hasn’t gone forever.

And don’t just take our word for it, have a look at Lockabox in action on This Morning. Do you struggle with limiting your screen time? Do you find yourself talking to the back of your kid’s tablet rather than them? Or have you been successful in limiting your family’s time on gadgets? Please let us know in the comments.

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