Jan 2, 2021

Lockabox Creating Positive Change

Locked Storage box for positive change | treat box or phone detox

We all need some positivity going into 2021 after the difficult and unprecedented times that 2020 brought. Here at Lockabox we can help you to create positive changes. The Lockabox One is highly versatile due to its simple yet premium quality design. This versatility allows the Lockbox One to be used for an array of different purposes, from limiting screen time and helping with a phone detox to encouraging healthy eating as a treat box. A core focus of the Lockabox brand is to encourage positive behaviour change.  We believe there is no better time to implement change than at the start of a new year. So, let us tell you how our Lockabox One can help you to implement positive changes for 2021.

Limiting screen time – A digital detox

2020 has produced some amazing documentaries such as, ‘The Social Dilemma’. These documentaries highlight our damaging dependencies on our phones and the technology surrounding us. Limiting screen time and taking a phone detox has many benefits, from improving relationships to safeguarding children online. Getting a grip on screen time is a positive change all of us can implement in the new year.

So how can Lockabox help? The Lockabox One provides a designated time to set aside devices by providing a safe and secure storage solution. It allows for a phone detox by allowing phones to be kept out of the bedroom at night and for parents to ensure they are not outsmarted by their children when it comes to screen time apps. Our Lockabox also allows devices to be charged whilst securely locked away, meaning there is no room for excuses! We challenge you to take part in our 30-day phone detox challenge of putting your phone in your Lockabox One for one hour a day and observe the positive effects it has on your wellbeing! 

Healthy eating – “New year, New me”

We are all tired of hearing ‘New Year, New Me’ and being inundated by fitness companies wanting to sell us the latest weight loss solution to lose the Christmas pounds! But…the truth is many of us still set a weight loss or fitness goal in January. The start of a new year always seems to symbol the start of a lifestyle change or an opportunity. Healthy eating is undoubtedly challenging, and it is difficult to resist temptation, especially with some of the Christmas treats still lingering around the house! Our treat box can be used to store treats and keep them out of sight and mind, helping you achieve your goals. Our storage boxes can be stored in cupboards or the fridge and the three-digit lock limits access to treats, giving you time to assess if you really do want to reach for that snack!

Dry January – How Lockabox can create positive change

After the many Christmas hangovers and too many lockdown wines, Dry January may seem the perfect resolution. Ditching alcohol can improve sleep, help save calories, rehydrate you, and save money, all the things we need to start in the New Year! Locking away the alcohol in our Lockabox One can help you to resist the temptation. Why not go a step further and get a family member to set the code to really ensure you do reach that goal!

Safe proofing the home

January is the month for setting intentions. So why not create a positive change this year by ensuring your home is as safe as possible. This change will not only help you but will also protect all your loved ones. Thousands of children are injured every year by consuming medicines or toxic household products. Our Lockabox One can help, the lockable nature of the box provides a secure space for the storage of medication. Not only does this deter little ones, but it will also provide peace of mind for you and help you start the New Year feeling less worried and more optimistic.

Lockabox can help you start 2021 with a positive change… What are you waiting for? We would love to hear your stories of how Lockabox has helped you – please email us on [email protected]!

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.