Jul 26, 2021

Is House-Sharing the New Buying? If So, You Need Our Home Safe Box!

Lockable box in fridge keeping fizzy drinks safe from other house mates

No longer is house-sharing reserved for university students and those moving to a city for first-time jobs. With house prices rising daily, house-sharing has become an option for more and more people, with the average age of co-living tenants now sitting at 28.2 years (BuyAssociation, 2020), an increase of 5 years compared to findings in 2017. This trend indicates that house-sharing is no longer a means to an end, and more people are living in shared accommodation into their 30’s,40’s and 50’s than ever before! So what are the pros and cons of house sharing? And why do you need our home safe box to help you live harmoniously?



As mentioned, house prices are increasing astronomically, meaning many people can no longer afford to buy. Therefore, one of the most important pros of house sharing is that it allows people to save money. Instead of having to pay rent and bills for the whole house, the cost is shared. 


Living in a collaborative environment can be a lifeline for those who do not know anyone in a new city, or perhaps those whose family and friends live far away. The very nature of a house share means there will always be someone around if you need a chat or a rant about your day at work. This can also help people to feel safe in an unknown city where they may worry about living on their own. And finally, it means there should always be someone in to take your parcel, which we think is a lifesaver!


Unfavourable housemates

Let’s not pretend we haven’t all heard the horror stories of undesirable housemates. Whether this is them rolling in at 4 in the morning when you have to be up at 6 and blasting their music, or leaving the washing until it has become green, slightly furry and you have a new pet rat. Living with someone you struggle to tolerate can be difficult. But even without these extremes, it may be likely that you end up sharing a house with someone whose lifestyle very much differs from yours. This can result in conflict and an unpleasant situation for all.

Food nabbing

Let’s be honest, if you have lived in shared housing then you have undoubtedly experienced someone helping themselves to your food. Whether this is your favourite snack, or last bit of milk, in our eyes helping yourselves is never okay. Sharing a fridge often takes away accountability, with you having to guess which one of your flatmates decided to take the last of your butter. Often meaning you are none the wiser to whom the culprit actually is!

Lack of privacy

One of the main drawbacks of shared living is the lack of privacy it comes with and potentially the worry this brings. Will someone check your room whilst you are out? Will they borrow your favourite top? Walk-in on you using the bathroom? These are all things that have to be considered when deciding to share a house.

So, how can our home safe box help?

We can help you get over the above issues, all thanks to our home safe box, let us tell you how: 

Providing you with your very own fridge locker

Our fridge locker can help you to keep your food and drink away from others’ wandering hands. The Lockabox One is a secure container that you lock using a three-digit combination. Just put your snacks inside, close the door and choose your code. This code acts as a deterrent to fridge raiders and allows you to keep all your favourite snacks safe and secure. 

Ensuring Hygiene

Everyone likes to feel like their items are kept clean and hygienic, especially in the bathroom. Our home safe box allows you to lock toiletries away. Ensuring there is no risk of them being contaminated by others. Even better, it fits perfectly into a bathroom cupboard or cabinet. 

Bringing you peace of mind

Gain peace of mind for when you go away. More and more landlords are unable to provide locks for individual doors due to fire regulations. Therefore when you are away, it is difficult not to worry about your possessions. We are not talking about valuables, these should be kept in a safe. We are talking about the things you would usually hide in a drawer when you go away. However, would get a little more peace of mind from them being locked away securely, out of reach, and sight of others.

Adding a level of privacy

We may be close to our housemates, but that doesn’t mean we want them snooping amongst our things! Everyone has items they may not want others to see. From simple things like cards from loved ones to bedroom toys you want to keep private. Our home safe box ensures a level of privacy and discreteness when sharing a home with others.

Thinking about a house share? We are sure that the pros more than outweigh the cons, but just to make sure, get yourself a Lockabox One, your very own home safe box today!

Box clever

Our secret weapon is our patented clam-shell design (which gives the Lockabox its strength) combined with tough polycarbonate, and the best British manufacturing that doesn’t use glue and is BPA safe.