Lockabox One™ - Ice Grey


Compact and hygienic lockable box for food, medicines and household items


  • Ideal for dementia care, diabetics, allergies, child safety, diet management, house shares, co-working spaces and storage of electronic devices
  • Organise and secure potentially harmful items in and around the home
  • Lock away personal items and in schools, workplaces and shared environments
  • Keep young ones from accessing medicines, allergenic foods or alcohol
  • Great for storing daily essentials in fridges, cupboards and university dorms


Product details:

Lockabox One™ is a high quality lockable container suitable for fridges and freezers with unique features to protect contents from spillages, tampering and external contaminants.

Discrete contemporary design with smooth easy clean surfaces and interlocking stacking sockets for multiple applications.

Changeable 3-digit combination code lock and front loaded door that allows access to contents even when stacked or fixed inside a cupboard.

Injection moulded from strong, lightweight and shatter resistant polycarbonate plastic.

Made in an ISO-9001 certified UK factory and supplied fully assembled.


Where to use:


Ideal for storing prescription creams, medicines and food when caring for people.


Prevent children and vulnerable adults from accessing medicines, allergenic foods, washing tablets, batteries or alcohol.


Store potentially hazardous items in classrooms, staff rooms and use as a portable locker on school trips.


Lock away daily essentials in shared fridges or cupboards and keep toiletries separate in shared bathrooms.


A convenient safe-space for stationary, private documents and electronic devices such as internet routers, hard drives, memory sticks, tablets and mobile phones.


Unique features:

  • BPA-safe and food-grade container that keeps contents secure, organised and protected
  • Made from high strength, impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic
  • Ventilated, stackable and easy to clean
  • Fits into cupboards, on shelves and in the fridge
  • Changeable 3-digit combination code lock
  • Front loaded door (still access contents when stacked)
  • High quality injection moulded parts 



  • Length: 29.5 cm (31cm including door lock handle)
  • Width: 21cm
  • Height:17cm
  • Volume: 10.5 litres


Legal disclaimer:

Lockabox One™ is designed to offer you a level of protection for your personal goods and a deterrent to theft in a social, domestic and professional environment. Lockabox One™ should not be used to store high value items and should not be relied upon to prevent individuals determined to gain access with force. You are responsible for goods stored in your Lockabox One™ so please use your Lockabox One™ responsibly.



Registered Brand

Registered Design

Patent Pending

Made In Britain


Please note removable shelves are sold separately.