Lockabox - Fire Red


LOCKABOX Fire Red is popular for the protection of insulin and food essentials for diabetics. Its striking colour makes it easily identified when used in shared storage spaces and fridges. Its bold, its brilliant, its Fire Red!

Key features:

  • Injection moulded from BPA-safe and food grade polycarbonate plastic (a high strength, impact and shatter resistant material also used for police riot shields)
  • Hygienic 3-piece design is ventilated, easy to clean and protects from spillages and external contaminants
  • Portable, compact and suitable for fridges and freezers (use down to -80 C)
  • Can be fixed down, fitted in a cupboard or stacked to form a versatile locker system
  • Changeable 3-digit combination code lock, available in clear, colour tints and solids and sold fully assembled ready to use


Secure and hygienic lockable storage


10.5 Litre  


L 31cm x W 21cm x H 17cm 

lockabox is made in britain

Patent pending