Lockabox - Top Orange


LOCKABOX Top Orange, the black sheep of the family. It has all the great features and durability but has yet to find a clear way in the world. If you're looking for a product teeming with potential, but yet to get its big break...LOCKABOX Top Orange is the one for you.

Key features:

  • Injection moulded from BPA-safe and food grade polycarbonate plastic (a high strength, impact and shatter resistant material also used for police riot shields)
  • Hygienic 3-piece design is ventilated, easy to clean and protects from spillages and external contaminants
  • Portable, compact and suitable for fridges and freezers (use down to -80 C)
  • Can be fixed down, fitted in a cupboard or stacked to form a versatile locker system
  • Changeable 3-digit combination code lock, available in clear, colour tints and solids and sold fully assembled ready to use


Secure and hygienic lockable storage


10.5 Litre  


L 31cm x W 21cm x H 17cm 

lockabox is made in britain

Patent pending