Use Lockabox One in and around the home to help reduce risk of accidental poisoning and control access to food, alcohol and other senstitive items.

  • Keep young ones from accessing medicines, allergenic foods or alcohol
  • Great for locking away games and gadgets when the word ‘no’ just isn’t enough
  • Organise DIY supplies, washing tablets, button batteries, e-cigarette refills and other small hazardous household items
  • A lockable 'timeout' box for games and gadgets
  • Lockabox One is also great for charging mobile phones, tablets and controllers whilst secured inside
  • Keep cosmetics and private personal items safe in bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Wholesale is available from our dedicated Trade Portal
  • Made in Britain

"A brilliant item to keep my children's mitts off things they shouldn't have! The Lockbox is large enough to store various items, yet streamlined that it can fit very easily in a kitchen cabinet."

" Seldom do you come across something so simple, yet so convenient."

Store Areas

Improved organisation and accountability in storage rooms and cupboards. Suitsable for both home or workplace.

Lockabox lockable box  for storage


‘Out of reach, but close to hand’ – Improve safety and access to prescription creams and cleaning products.

Lockabox lockable box  for the bathroom


Keep personal items private in hospital wards and medicines secure and safe from others when self-medicating.

Lockabox lockable box for the bedroom


Allergies and medicine storage, specialist diets and laboratory use - Lockabox is also suitable for fridges and freezers.

Lockabox lockable box for the fridge