Improve safety and efficiency in home, hospitals and care settings. Ideal for safe storage of medicines and food when caring for others.

Design and manufacturing techniques make Lockabox One an exceptionally affordable solution that does not compromise on quality.

This innovative locking box for medicine is durable, hygienic and discrete. Featuring a 3-digit combination lock, our award-winning product is trusted by hundreds of care homes and carers. Ideal for caring for those with dementia, diabetics, allergies and much more.

  • Well suited to fridges, it's ideal for assisting in the storage of food and medicines when caring for people with dementia
  • Great for diabetics to keep food essentials separate in shared spaces
  • A physical aid to help with eating disorders or when dieting
  • Use in foster care to organise and secure potentially harmful items around the home
  • B2B wholesale is available from our dedicated Trade Portal

"Great product, bought to keep medicines safe from elderly relative who otherwise could overdose."

"Perfect for locking away blister pack drugs for care workers to access safely."

Store Areas

Improved organisation and accountability in storage rooms and cupboards. Suitsable for both home or workplace.

Lockabox lockable box  for storage


‘Out of reach, but close to hand’ – Improve safety and access to prescription creams and cleaning products.

Lockabox lockable box  for the bathroom


Keep personal items private in hospital wards and medicines secure and safe from others when self-medicating.

Lockabox lockable box for the bedroom


Allergy and medicine storage, specialist diets and laboratory use - Lockabox is also suitable for fridges and freezers.

Lockabox lockable box for the fridge