Can I use Lockabox in the fridge?


Lockabox is exceptionally well suited to fridges.


Can I use it in the freezer?


Lockabox works perfectly even when frozen.


How big is it?

Lockabox is 

  • L 29.5 cm (31 cm total including door lock handle)
  • W 21 cm
  • H 17 cm

 Internal volume = 10.5 Litres


How many fit in a standard fridge?

Fit up to 8 Lockaboxes in a standard fridge - 2 wide and 4 high

*In some cases you may need to remove some of the fridge shelves to fit all your Lockboxes (Please note Lockabox interlocks when stacked)


How strong is it?


Lockabox is made from premium polycarbonate plastic. The same material used for police riot shields, modern automobile windscreens and personal protective equipment (PPE).


How do I set/change the lock code?

Please follow this link to our instruction video - Changing The Code


Can I put my Lockabox in the dishwasher?  

Unfortunately not, Lockabox is wipe clean only. However it is exceptionally easy to clean and can be done in seconds.


If you have any further questions, please contact us here.

Thank you.