Can I use Lockabox One™ in the fridge?


Lockabox One™ is perfect for fridges.


Can I use Lockabox One™ in the freezer?


Lockabox One™ works even when frozen down to -80*.


How big is Lockabox One™?

Lockabox One™ dimensions are:

  • L 29.5 cm (31 cm total including door lock handle)
  • W 21 cm
  • H 17 cm

 Internal volume = 10.5 Litres


How many fit into a standard fridge?

Fit up to 8 Lockabox One™ products will fit into a standard fridge - 2 wide and 4 high

*In some cases you may need to remove the fridge shelves to fit all 8 and please note Lockabox One™ has been designed to interlock when stacked.


How strong is Lockabox One™?

Lockabox One™ is made of premium polycarbonate plastic, which is high strength, impact-resistant and shatter-resistant. It is also the same material used for police riot shields and modern automobile windscreens.


What's to stop someone stealing the whole box?

Lockabox One™ can be fixed through with screws or bolts and stuck in place with 3m adhesive pads. However, Lockabox One™ has been designed as a deterrent to theft only and fixing should only be for additional safety reasons. Please read our safety advice before purchase.


How do I set/change the lock code?

Please follow this link to our instruction video - Changing The Code


Can I put my Lockabox One™ in the dishwasher?  

No, Lockabox One™ is wipe clean only. 


If you have any further questions please contact us here.