“Safe and secure storage to protect and organise.”

Every day there are increasing numbers of hospital admissions through accidental consumption in the home, incidents in dementia care relating to the management of the regular use items needed for personal care, and the understated implications of sharing a fridge at home or at work. Lockabox has been designed to help in the daily routine and improve safety for you and those around you.

Used in professional and domestic settings Lockabox One™ is becoming the go-to solution to a wide range of needs, such as specialist care, primary and early years education, child safety in the home, foster care, student accommodation, house shares, workplaces and many more.

Our mission

“To make storage safer, more functional and available to all.”

Through well-made and reasonably priced products, we aim to provide safety, improved health and an easier way of life through a simple change – Locking-it away. Whether this is the NHS, schools, family homes or simply for people sharing their daily living space with others, Lockabox products aim to provide a level of control and reassurance that can improve welfare, reduce risk and even save lives.

Lockabox Ltd is a member of the Made In Britain campaign and we manufacture and assemble all our products in our home county of Devon. This might not make a huge difference to everyone, but for us, and those like us, it shows the service we provide is safe, fair and accountable. It also shows we are making a conscious choice to help support our local economy.

The future

The versatility of Lockabox One™ has given us a great opportunity to learn from a wide range of customers and understand even the most individual needs. This unique insight is what drives our business. We are always looking explore new ideas and collaborations. If you are interested in working with us or would like to be involved in one of our product trial programmes, or simply have a technical suggestion for us to consider, please contact us by emailing hq@lockabox.com or message us via the contact page.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Lockabox team and another happy customer

Another happy customer at the NEC Spring Fair

Image of Lockabox Limited founder Peter Morris with John Pierce of The Made In Britain Campaign at the Manufacturer Top 100 awards 2016

Founder and CEO Peter Morris at the Manufacturer Top 100 awards, 2016.


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