Everyday there are increasing numbers of young children admitted to hospital through accidental consumption of household medicines, incidents in dementia care relating to the management of personal cleaning products and for many, there's the understated social impact of sharing a fridge in shared accommodation or the workplace. Lockabox One™ has been designed to assist throughout the daily routine and improve safety and security for you and those around you. 

Our story

Peter Morris founded Lockabox Limited whilst at university in July 2013, after a desperate need for a simple yet high-quality lockable storage product to protect his food in a shared fridge. It was unbelievable to him that there wasn't already a solution in place for the thousands of others also having similar issues, so he started developing one of his own.

In September 2014, Peter got a lucky break with a high-street retailer, John Lewis, where the team of buyers saw an opportunity for a new type of secure home storage that was stylish, discreet and multifunctional. We call it "Safer Storage" and in August 2015, Lockabox One™ launched to the UK market through the John Lewis Partnership, on and a handful of specialist online retailers.

Lockabox One™ has gone on to receive multiple awards, professional recommendations and hundreds of positive customer reviews. Recently also a Best Seller on and growing fast in the commercial sector, this simple yet innovative product is proving itself as a valued addition to both professional and domestic settings and the new lock box of choice for specialist care, primary and early years education, family homes, foster care, shared and student accommodation, collaborative workspaces, offices and many more.

Our mission

One in every home.

Through adaptable and stylish lockable products, we aim to provide new levels of safety and convenience in the home through a simple change - Locking-it away. Whether this is in the NHS or a family household, we believe Lockabox products have a place at almost all walks of life - Young or old, a personal safe-space can be of great value...even save lives.

Is the beginning of a new category in home and workplace storage? 

Just think, that safe space just got safer, the retro-fit cupboard lock just got easier to install and that trusty Tupperware box is now secure as well as organised!

Our manufacturing ethos

Lockabox Limited is part of the Made in Britain campaign and we work alongside long-standing UK specialists to produce and assemble our products. This is part of our ongoing mission to ensure quality and support UK businesses. This might not make a huge difference to everyone, but for us, it shows the service we provide is reliable, fair and accountable. 

If you'd like to know more about the work of the Made in Britain Campaign and their members, visit

Our future and you

The versatility of Lockabox One™ gives us a great opportunity to learn from an exceptionally wide variety of customers and gather a new understanding of even the most individual needs. This unique insight is what drives us to go further and we are always looking to explore new ideas and collaborations. If you have any suggestions, would like to leave us feedback or could be interested in one of our free trial programmes, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

- Team Lockabox -


Team Lockabox at John Lewis Oxford Street, London

Team Lockabox at Lockabox HQ

Lockabox One products 2017/18

From Company Caravan to Category Leader...

"Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best."