Lockabox One was originally conceived to help students store their personal property safely when living in shared spaces. Since its launch into the university arena, Lockabox One, has quickly been adopted to provide secure access to sensitive medical supplies in hospitals, care homes and domestically. It now provides tamper-proof storage for personal items and gadgets at home, in workplaces and shared leisure spaces.

Our Ethos

Lockabox Limited has a mission to make storage safer. We are committed to the design and manufacture of innovative, well-made, reasonably priced products that deliver safety and security in many walks of life. Our customers include the NHS, Royal Mail, Ocado, Cancer Research, HMIC, Synexa Life Sciences, Air Charter Services, Anchor Health and the MOD.


Lockabox Limited follows a process of continual product development, we are a member of the Made in Britain campaign and we manufacture and assemble all our products in an ISO-9001 accredited factory in South Wales. We are committed to ethical brand values to ensure that the materials and processes we use are safe, fair and accountable.

Work with us

Our commitment to safer storage concepts, innovations and improvements is driven by our customers and we are always keen to explore new ideas and collaborations with individuals, businesses and organisations. If you are interested in working with us on new concepts, applying for a product trial or have any suggestion for improvement please email info@lockabox.com

Thank you.

Peter Morris, Founder & Managing Director  

Lockabox Founder, Peter Morris