Keep your snacks safe with our food lock box

Lockabox One
Food fridge locker for students

Our lockable food box can be used for an array of reasons around the home. Whether you want to keep your snacks safe in a house share or ration your children’s lunchbox snacks to last the entire week, we promise this will be a life saver! 

The Lockabox One is made of food grade polycarbonate and can be stored in the fridge, freezer or within a cupboard. The three digit combination lock acts as a deterrent, warding off wandering hands and keeping snacks safe and secure.

What can our lockable food box be used for?

  • Keeping snacks safe within a shared home 
  • Helping save money by ensuring all the snacks aren’t eaten in one go 
  • Limiting temptation by keeping unhealthy treats locked away 
  • Keeping certain foods separate in the fridge due to allergies or dietary preferences

Where can the Lockabox One be stored in the Kitchen?

  • Fridge – Yes! Made from food safe polycarbonate!
  • Freezer – Keep your favourite ice cream safe from midnight snack attacks.
  • Cupboard – Keep biscuits extra safe with our 3 digit combination lock.
  • Pantry – Keep your ketchup and mayonnaise safe from food thieves!

Our fridge safe can also be used to limit temptation and stop mindless snacking. Instead of allowing open season on household indulgences, the Lockabox One enables you to store goodies away from time to time. In a sense, it is a treat controller – something you can use to give yourself and your kids a rest from the endless temptations lying around your home. The reason we were featured on the Channel 4 showHow to Keep a Healthy Weight” hosted by Dr Michael Mosley. 

It can also help to save money by preventing parents having to go shopping when your children have eaten all the snacks in one day! The reason we have been described as a lifesaver by many.

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