Keep your snacks safe with our food lock box

Lockabox One
Food fridge locker for students

We have all experienced going to the fridge to grab that snack you have fancied all day and boom…it’s gone! Let’s be honest, the fury is unimaginable. Do you have mice? Ones that are particularly drawn to Dairy Milk Chocolate…Unlikely! What is more likely is that you have a fridge raider, someone who despite all social norms pointing to not stealing others’ food, has been tempted by your snacks to the point they just can’t resist and have become a food thief!!! You need protection, your very own food lock box where you can keep all your snacks safe and secure!

What food can be stored in the Lockabox One?

  • Dairy items such as cheese, yoghurts and pints of milk!
  • Your favourite sweet and chocolate stash!
  • Standard cans of beer 440ml – up to 8 cans (Hooray!)
  • Well known fizzy drinks (Save a few trips to the dentist.)
  • Kids lunch box items or just your own lunch.
  • Certain foods that members of a household are allergic to!

Where can the Lockabox One be stored in the Kitchen?

  • Fridge – Yes! Made from food safe polycarbonate!
  • Freezer – Keep your favourite ice cream safe from midnight snack attacks.
  • Cupboard – Keep biscuits extra safe with our 3 digit combination lock.
  • Pantry – Keep your ketchup and mayonnaise safe from food thieves!

Our fridge safe can also be used to limit temptation and stop mindless snacking. Instead of allowing open season on household indulgences, the Lockabox One enables you to store goodies away from time to time. In a sense, it is a treat controller – something you can use to give yourself and your kids a rest from the endless temptations lying around your home. The reason we were featured on the Channel 4 showHow to Keep a Healthy Weight” hosted by Dr Michael Mosley. 

It can also help to save money by preventing parents having to go shopping when your children have eaten all the snacks in one day! The reason we have been described as a lifesaver by many.

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