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Lockabox One™ - Shelf Pack


Lockabox One™ Shelves and Airflow Inserts


Lockabox One™ shelves and airflow inserts help organise smaller items, increase airflow and improve hygiene. The shelves are easily fitted and can be removed at any time for cleaning. They've also been designed in halves (2 per level) for maximum space organisation and flexibility.


Unique design

  • Easy to fit and supplied in half-sizes for maximum flexibility.
  • Mid-height shelves effectively separate food and other small items.
  • Base inserts raise contents off the base of the Lockabox One to prevent contact with any pooled spillages or condensation, whist the grooved design keeps air freely circulating.
  • Ideal for food and medicine storage in fridges.


Each shelf pack contains:

2 x Mid- height shelves

2 x Base-level airflow inserts

1 x instruction leaflet 



Registered Brand

Registered Design

Patent Pending

Made In Britain