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  • The pleasures and pitfalls of early student life and some of advice from us
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    Kay Green

The pleasures and pitfalls of early student life and some of advice from us

The pleasures and pitfalls of early student life and some of advice from us

While we were researching for our next deeply interesting, and informative blog post - you don't think we pull all this fascinating information from the top of our heads do you? - we came across all sorts of pertinent and useful information.


We must confess, while we were searching for different ways to talk about how to use our clever locking box, we got ourselves a little bit distracted with an article about 8 different ways to open a beer bottle. We resisted the temptation to go straight to the shop for ice cold lager so we could try them out ......mmmmmmm...... lager. 


Where were we? Oh, yeah, so, one of the things we came across while we were searching the World Wide Web was an article about student life, and how tough it can be at times.


It took us back to the days when we were students. That made us think about why our boss, Lockabox inventor and very nice guy, (Christmas is on its way, we're hoping for a bonus, got to keep him sweet) decided to create his fiendishly clever fridge safe to stop his fellow housemates from nicking his margarine.


Since its creation, we've discovered a plethora of uses for our combination lockable storage box; protection of others from harmful medication, keeping personal items private and out of reach, locking up the remote control to stop your partner from channel hopping during the adverts (that really is a thing you know).


However, despite our voyage of discovery, we've never lost sight of the frustration that sparked Peters original idea, and because the new academic year is in full swing now we thought we'd take a look at some of the challenges students, and freshers, in particular, might be experiencing.




This particular part of early student life is awful. According to research by Warwick University, as many as 70% of students will feel homesick during the first few months of university, so if you're one of them at least you know you’re not on your own.


If you are going through this at the moment, please, don't panic, for the massive majority it is just a phase, and although it's horrible at the time, it does pass. The positive side of going through something so challenging is that when you come out of the other side, you’re more prepared for your new life and you will thrive in your new found resolve and strength. 


If you do struggle with this issue you can always go to your personal tutor for help or even talk to your mates; you'll probably find they feel the same way.  Most importantly, don't blame yourself, it's normal to feel homesick and a bit lonely.




Recent reports have shown that the cost of tuition fees in England are now amongst the highest in the world. A recent survey shows that in order to survive the high cost of fees and the ever increasing cost of living, going without food is an option considered by many students, and practised by some. At least 20% of those that were surveyed said they had skipped meals to save money.

Others said that they had to use food banks to keep them going, and unfortunately some even admitted to stealing food, money or booze. This brings us nicely back to why we created the box in the first place; we’ve all been skint at some point or another, and we all know how being hungry feels. Using a Lockabox lockable container will protect your stuff from being stolen from the fridge or anywhere else for that matter. It will help to keep temptation away from anyone who might be thinking about helping themselves to what’s rightfully yours.

We’re a helpful team at Lockabox HQ; we thought we’d pass this great blog on to you; it has loads of recipes for cheap and tasty meals. Thank us later when you’ve eaten the Thai green curry, using the ingredients you’ve kept in the shared fridge, that stayed where they were because they were stored in a plastic safe with a combination code only you know. Great idea isn’t it?



We thought this one was a good one to finish with because the first point about homesickness might tempt you into going out for a few drinks hoping that will solve your sadness about being away from familiar things. However, ultimately it may well lead to the second point, and spending your cash on booze instead of food isn’t a long term solution to your vitamin intake – trust us we speak from experience.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t go out and have a great time, just not all the time, and when you do, watch out for the pitfalls that come from being a bit ‘merry’.

You know what they are, we don’t need to tell you, we’re not your mum!

Most of all make the most of your continued education, time flies, and soon enough you’ll be graduated, and in a full-time job. Alternatively, you could finish uni and become an entrepreneur and work all hours, still be skint and never have time to go out for a beer because you’re too busy researching and writing blog posts!




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    Kay Green

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