The magic of Christmas

If you haven’t seen, read or heard about the latest advertising campaigns from the heavyweight retailers in the run up to this festive season then you must have been living in a cave, in the middle of nowhere, without any contact with another living soul.

The release of the John Lewis Christmas advert is getting to be as traditional as putting sherry and mince pies out for Santa Claus so he can have a snack after he’s finished putting presents under the tree. Or if you were to believe the M&S ad for this year, it’s Mrs Claus that ate all the pies!

(I’d like to say at this point, kudos to her, a helicopter is a much more sensible form of transport than a sleigh and reindeer, and if she really loved her husband she’d let him in on it at some point! Kay)

Let’s make no bones about it, these companies have plenty of budget to spend in the hope that making us say “Ahhhhhhh, that’s lovely” will persuade us to spend our hard earned cash with them.

As a small but ever expanding business we can’t afford huge festive advertising campaigns, we’d love to be able to create an advert with Juno our giraffe bouncing on a trampoline on Christmas morning, alas that’s not in our marketing budget this year!

However, we haven’t got to where we are today without being a creative bunch, and we don’t see why a little thing like not having any spare cash should stop us. We might not be able to afford a film crew, or a trampoline for that matter, but we do have a vivid imagination so we’d like to present to you the script for our Lockabox Christmas advert.

It’s Christmas morning, it’s snowing outside and there are 3 generations of one family sat around a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The room is bright with fairy lights and happy smiles.

Grandad is stood by the tree dressed as Santa, and as he’s handing out the gifts the camera starts to focus on each person in the room.

The first image is of mum, she’s a bit frazzled and covered in turkey juice and as she looks over at her husband her expression becomes a frown, she has a flashback to all the times during the year she’s caught him sneakily stealing pieces of her very expensive chocolate out of the fridge.

As she’s looking over to him the camera moves on to his face and we share his memory of the summer months when he finally got to sit down and enjoy the Olympics but couldn’t find the remote control anywhere. There’s a short clip of him turning the room upside down trying to find it. He becomes more and more annoyed, and then falls out with and his wife when she eventually finds it under the sofa and tells him to keep it somewhere safe in future.

Dad in turn looks at his son, he’s clearly the youngest member of the family he’s wearing red Rudolph the Reindeer pj’s and his hairs sticking up at the back, he looks the picture of innocence. He’s sat next to his older sister, she’s about five years older than her brother, and dad watches them as they give each other an excited and happy hug.

Flashback to the weekend before when the boy is running around the house reading his sister's diary out loud while she’s screaming at him for stealing her stuff. Another clip of film to the same day a little while later when she’s got his favourite superhero toy and threatens to pull its head off in retribution, and he takes his turn to scream the house down.

Dad grimaces at the memory and as he does he sees both kids (and the camera) turn to look at Grandma. She’s got a disgruntled look on her face as she thinks back to the wickedly expensive wrinkle-busting face cream that her husband keeps using for his athlete's foot. She has a memory of herself asking him “how many times do I have to tell you to stop using my gorgeous things for your grotty feet?”

While we’re sharing the snippet of her life we see him sitting with his back to her, he has a deeply contented smile on his face and his hearing aid is sat on the desk next to his laptop. He’s online, we can see he’s on the Lockabox website ordering 6 lockable storage boxes in a variety of colours.

An orange one for mum to keep her special treats safe from harm in the fridge.

A blue one for her husband to so he can keep the remote control where he can find it, securely locked out of reach.

He orders the kids one each in the same colour. He’s a clever man is grandad, he knows once the box is locked with their private combination code their personal things will be safe from each other. That should keep the arguments down a bit.

His wife gets the crystal clear one, there’s plenty of room in her personal storage box so she can keep all her cosmetics and face creams and lady stuff out of his reach, but still enjoy the look of the pretty jars.

While he’s doing his silver surfing Christmas shopping on the Lockabox site he orders himself a pure white lockable box to keep his stash of secret stuff out of sight and out of reach.

Pan back to the festive family excitedly opening their gifts from Santa/grandad, they each have an expression of sheer delight on their faces as they see their individual safe storage boxes. They turn to look towards grandad as he opens his small but beautifully wrapped gift of a tube of athletes foot cream and new batteries for his hearing aid.

The last image is of everyone laughing and the message on the screen reads:

The Lockabox team would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas!


December 11, 2016 by Kay Green
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