A lockable box...what a great Idea, I just don’t know what I would use it for??

The Lockabox team have had a very thought provoking few days, they’ve been exhibiting their lockable container at the Gadget Show Live at the NEC Birmingham. It’s given them a chance to show off their product, launch the new colour range and receive face to face feedback. Some of the responses they’ve had about the Lockabox has surprised them.

Peter Morris first had an urge to invent this lockable storage container because he was sick of having his food stolen from the fridge in his shared accommodation. As the idea developed into reality he began to realise that although his initial thoughts were to create a box for students to keep their food safe, there were many other uses for the portable locker.

The Gadget Show has opened the eyes of the Lockabox team in lot of ways. They met people with new and different ideas of how to use the locking storage container, and on the other hand, found they were presenting their product to people who loved the idea, but scratched their heads about how they would actually use it.

One couple that came to the stand, loved the look of the box and the new colour range so much they were prepared to be convinced that they needed one, even though their first comment was “What a great product, I just don’t know what I’d use it for.” It turned out that the guy worked in a factory and took a packed lunch every day, he stores his box of goodies in a shared fridge, and had, on more than one occasion, been on the receiving end of his colleagues nicking his chocolate biscuits. Once he realised the benefits of having his own personal fridge locker he bought one to use as a lockable lunchbox. His wife liked the red one so much he got her one too, although we have a feeling he might regret that, because while he wasn’t listening, she mentioned using it for locking the remote control away to stop him channel hopping when the adverts come on.

Another person to stop at the Lockabox stand was a foster carer who explained to the team how each child she fostered usually brought with them a collection of their smaller personal things, photos and mementoes, generally held in a carrier bag or cardboard box. She went on to say that understandably the children were extremely protective of their possessions and eager to be sure they were kept safe. She immediately saw a use for the lockable container, appreciating that it would be a perfect solution for the kids to be able to see their things through the clear plastic and know they were kept safe from harm with their own, personal combination code lock.

The team have always known the benefits of being able to use the storage box to lock away harmful medicines, and a man who has been diabetic for most of his life confirmed this. He said that over the years while his family was growing up he’s struggled to keep his medication and syringes out of reach of curious eyes and hands. Protecting his family from potential poisoning had been an issue that had worried him for years. He saw the benefit of using the lockable box as a medicine safe straight away and as he was deciding what colour to buy, he said he wished he’d had one years ago. Another satisfied customer.

All in all the exhibition was a huge success, there were plenty of orders taken, and contacts made. As usual the team have made the most of every opportunity and have come back to the office brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for ways to promote and use the portable safe. However, they’re always open to ideas, if you have any thoughts on how you would use yours, please let us know via our website.

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April 22, 2016 by Kay Green
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