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  • Yippeee it’s nearly Festival Season – 4 Essential Items we know you will want to keep safe while you Party hard!
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    Kay Green

Yippeee it’s nearly Festival Season – 4 Essential Items we know you will want to keep safe while you Party hard!

Yippeee it’s nearly Festival Season – 4 Essential Items we know you will want to keep safe while you Party hard!

It’s been a long, wet and generally boring winter, but relief from the chilly drudgery is on the horizon. Spring is in the air, summer is just round the corner, and that particular season means……….music festivals! Over the last few years there has been a huge growth in the summer tradition of outdoor festivals, once up a time, there were 2 or 3 big names – Glastonbury, Creamfields and Reading to keep live music and mud fanatics happy, however, according to one source there were approximately 225 festivals in 2015 and even more planned for 2016.


Festival image from the Guardian



Photo from The Guardian

That’s a lot of people, and a lot of tents, and a lot of grass (said with an innocent expression on our faces). With that in mind we had a little think about which personal items wellie wearing, dedicated music fans would want to keep safe from their fellow field dwellers.

Alcohol – Keep Your Stash Safe!

We know that this one might seem like a generalisation, but apparently, 97% of festival attendees like the odd alcoholic beverage while they watch their favourite bands play live.

How can you be sure that you don’t have to, inadvertently, share yours with anyone else? Easy answer; store them in a lockable container.

It just so happens that the Lockabox is big enough to hold 11 cans of your favourite tipple AND 2 bottles of wine. Emergency supplies sorted.

Toilet Roll – Make Sure you Never run out of This Essential Item

There were over 150,000 attendees at the Glastonbury Festival last year. That’s a constant line of people, queuing for not many toilets and a plenty of bums of seats, if you’ll excuse the pun! That size of portaloo queue narrows down the chances of there being any paper left by the time you get there! The simple solution to this problem is, to take your own! And in order to protect your 2 ply toilet roll from the envious fingers of those less prepared than you, keep it super safe by hiding it away in your own plastic lock box! Feeling smug yet?

Mobile Phone – Protect your Precious!

Even the thought of mislaying our mobile phone is enough to send us into a panic. That awful moment when you think you’ve lost it and start patting yourself down, feeling in your pockets, frantically searching through your bag, beads of sweat forming on your brow. Does this sound familiar? Imagine how that panic would feel if you couldn’t find it after you’d been down the front of a gig, by the stage, moshing to your favourite band and then you realise you’ve lost your phone!

How could you possibly keep your mobile safe from harm while you’re having fun? Yup you’ve got it; put it in a plastic lock box. Jump about as much as you like, hug who you want, party hard, confident in the knowledge that your phone’s nestled in its own secure locking box.

Personal Items (Possibly Made of Latex or Maybe not) – The Really Private Stuff we don’t want to Mention

We could talk about this most essential of essential items but we’re too polite. According to research an average festival attendance is 54% males to 46% females and at least 36% of them are single. That’s a lot of opposite sex to go round, and it’s important to make sure that everyone’s safe, need we say anymore?


So in short, keep your goodies and your ‘can’t live with out’s’ safeguarded while you have a fantastic time. The Lockabox team hope the sun shines on every festival in 2016, that you only wear your wellies cos of the pretty pattern and your factor 50 suntan lotion gets a real work out.  

Order your Lockabox now.



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