The rise of personal lockable storage in the fight against Coronavirus

The rise of personal lockable storage in the fight against Coronavirus

Why small and adaptable lockable storage is becoming vital to healthcare and homes around the country.

You’re probably thinking how does Lockabox influence behaviour or even help prevent the spread of germs? At a time of international crisis, countries on lockdown, cleanliness and sanitisation at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Lockabox provides instant storage for items that need to be safe and secure, making sure they are not easily accessed. This allows for greater control and accountability in a variety of situations, not only for homes but organisations that deliver around the clock care. 

Safeguarding has always been an important topic that surrounds the Lockabox product, since the outbreak of COVID-19 we have seen an increase in awareness, with the whole country in isolation we are all having to take extra precautions when caring for young or elderly individuals.

Some recent applications include, the secure storage of controlled drugs in the home, addiction & rehabilitation organisations looking for a suitable lockable device which can carry up to a monthly supply of medication. Care homes adjusting the way they store prescription creams and/ or medication closer to the patient to reduce the risk of multiple handlers and essentially preventing the spread of germs. Homes concerned about sensitive medication being stored correctly during long periods of isolation. Lockabox is simple but yet extremely effective in tackling some of these smaller worries when it comes to parenting and care.

Bottles stored in lockable storage box

Why is it more relevant now? Coronavirus is putting us into an environment where we are forced to address a new way of thinking and living. We are a health conscious nation influenced by trends, accessible solutions to help combat daily life problems. It is highly likely that one of your children will eat your last chocolate bar if you don’t take necessary precaution to lock it away. Similarly, medicines when they are not secured away could be accidentally accessed during periods of self isolation. Preventive and personalised approaches can influence healthcare and allow people to feel reassured. This is where the Lockabox product appeals to any individual who feel they have a level of responsibility to protect, store or manage a person(s) safety and well being.

Why is our product suitable? First and foremost we didn’t skimp on the materials, the Lockabox One is made from medical grade polycarbonate which means it is hygienic and shatter resistant, it is highly durable and can withstand day to day use. Not only can it fit in a fridge but is roomy enough to hold a good amount of medication with ventilation slots to allow contents to breath. Stackable slots mean you can easily store a number of boxes together with a user friendly 3 digit combination lock so everyone can have their own personal code.

In times of uncertainty, Lockabox provides you with the peace of mind when it comes to looking after your loved ones at home.

It’s safe, It’s secure and delivers the accessibility when you need it. 

To find our more about our products please head to the website via www.lockabox.comIf you are business and interested in a sample to trial please contact or call us on 01548 856574.

Caring for elderly patients during a time of self isolation


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