Outdoor Classroom Day: Get your kids outdoors with a digital detox at school

Outdoor Classroom Day: Get your kids outdoors with a digital detox at school

How can you get your kids to spend less time on their tablets and more time outside in the fresh air? Monitoring your children's screen time can be difficult. Especially at school age, when they are spending time in the care of others. 

Outdoor classroom day is worldwide campaign led by Project Dirt and a part of the Dirt is Good movement by Unilever. Inspiring schools to take kids outside for their lessons and to reconnect them with nature. 

The advantages of this style of learning are abundant, learning how to problem solve in real life situations, working with others, and the positive effect being outdoors has on physical and mental health are just a few of the proven benefits.

credit: Patioawnings4less 

Kids engaging with nature rather than screens is something I think we all need to get behind, to ensure the next generation has a healthy balance in their lives. Persil funded a survey which unveiled some rather alarming results. It found that children spend TWICE as long playing on screens as they do playing outside and that an incredible 75% of British children spend less time outdoors then prison inmates. 

These findings are a little scary, but, the good thing is, we can do something about it, whether it's locking away devices for a period of time or by getting involved with campaigns like this.

Check out the Outdoor Classroom Day website to sign up as a teacher, parent, supporter or organisation. The UK and Ireland campaign is led by Learning through Landscapes, it has two dates each year. The next one is 1st November so there is still time to get involved. Following that, Thursday 23rd May 2019. But every day should be an outdoor classroom day, right!

For some tips on how to limit screen time at home with Lockabox we have 6 Easy Ways in another of our Digital Detox blogs, don’t forget to spread the word.

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