How to Keep Toxic Items Safe from Children in the Home

How to Keep Toxic Items Safe from Children in the Home

How do we keep dangerous household essentials like medicines  and cleaning products safe from children and vulnerable adults?  

There are several types of products that spring to mind as soon as we begin to look at the possibility of poisons at home. Take bleaching agents and disinfectants as an example, most promise to kill 99% of germs dead within seconds, there must be some mighty powerful chemicals contained within that innocent looking bottle.

Of course, most responsible households with toddlers have their ‘under the sink’ cupboards locked from tiny inquisitive fingers, we recognise the dangers these items represent, and we make every effort to protect ourselves and our family from them.

However, estimates from the Child Accident Prevention Trust still show an alarming amount of visits to A&E as a result of poisoning. Their figures show that approximately 21,000 under fives are treated each year from accidental inhalation or ingestion of potentially harmful substances and objects, and unfortunately rather than declining these figures are on the rise.

Over 70% of hospital admissions were due to toddlers swallowing medicine – it made us realise that, while we make every effort to hide the cleaning products behind closed doors protected with child proof locks, what we might be overlooking is the small things that look exceptionally tempting to tiny people.

lockabox keeping your home medicines safe

Many over the counter and prescription medications are brightly coloured, and although some packaging claims to be child proof, it often is not, and it doesn’t take much to imagine the devastating effects that medication or painkillers intended for adults could have on an infant.

Our Lockabox One  has been deigned to mitigate the potential risks every household harbours in every day medicine storage. As well choking hazards such as replacement batteries other and potential poison like electronic cigarette refill oil. These are common objects, and we become so used to seeing and using them we could be forgiven for forgetting how dangerous they can actually be.

Children will drag chairs across a room to be able to explore higher territories. Chairs and tiptoes can boost the height of a tot enough to reach those places we think are safe to put things we don’t want them to have, and even drawers are no longer out of bounds once your offspring have discovered this whole new world of adventure and mischief.

The team a Lockabox have had some very positive feedback from organisations that concern themselves with the protection of children against poisoning and items that can cause choking. We are proud to say that our product is considered as a very viable solution to keeping harmful substances locked safely away from children, in the home, childcare premises and even schools. We are proud to be able to contribute in a small way to helping reduce the numbers of hospital trips.

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