6 Easy Ways to Reduce Screen Time at Home for You and Your Kids

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Screen Time at Home for You and Your Kids

So we’re all aware of the impact that technology has on our everyday lives. Its a useful tool but we need to take back control of its use in our homes. Family life is stressful enough without the added annoyance of our loved ones being constantly glued to their gadgets. 

So I’ve pulled together a few tips on how and when you can factor in a #screenbreak at home so you can reconnect with your family and friends, and hopefully battle the tech addiction. 

1. Make meal times a tech-free zone

Avoid the “technoference” and reconnect with each other. Turn off the TV and chuck your phones in a Lockabox.  

It's amazing how we have adapted to be able to eat many foods with one hand while our phone is glued to the other or having it sitting at the ready next to our plate. Even though a lot of us still consider using a phone at the dinner table rude many of us still bring it with us to eat.

2. Ditch TV for the night.

I’m awful for getting home and switching the tv on straight away. Make a point of putting your TV remote in a Lockabox for an evening. Seriously, the great thing about modern-day TV tech is that we can catch up on anything we’ve missed using on-demand services and Netflix. You may even realise you’re not even that bothered about who got sent home from Bake Off (I’m kidding...  Jon for the win!).

Go out for a walk, play a game (not Monopoly, it will end your family), help your kids with their homework. Do anything to stop yourself from spending another night channel hopping.

3. Easy on the gaming.

A good way to get your kids to do their homework or help get chores done quickly. Lock controllers away at a certain time every day to help increase productivity and to achieve tasks.

4. Step away from the Kindle

Keep one book on the go that is a REAL page-turner.

5. Bedtime means bedtime

Remove tech from your bedrooms. Wired = Tired. The lure of phones, TVs and computers in our rooms is just too much to resist, especially for children. An hour spent watching TV in bed is an hour less sleep, and the stimulation to our brains caused by technology prevents us from 'switching off'. Using an actual alarm clock will help remove the temptation to look at your phone as soon as you wake up too.

6. Make it fun!

So your friends are over on a Friday night, what better way to ensure you all have fun and actually catch up on the weeks events than by relinquishing phones to the Lockabox, establish a fun forfeit to whoever reaches toward the box first.

Have playtime with your kids while setting an example. Children will generally mirror our behaviour, if we’re spending a lot of time glued to technology, they will be inclined to copy. It's easy to get distracted by your phone when kids seem quite happy entertaining themselves but nothing substitutes good old-fashioned playtime. Seize the opportunity to get involved by grabbing the dressing up box, playing hide and seek or getting creative with some crafts. Before you know it you’ll be reducing your screen time and they will too!  Factoring in screen breaks involving the whole family will reduce the possibility of anyone feeling picked on or singled out.

If you’ve enjoyed this post and want to learn more about having a digital detox check out our Digital Detox with a Lockabox post. Also, if you have any screen break suggestions that have worked for you and your family please comment below.

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